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We’ve worked with the Technicolor Animation team on formulating a digital strategy for their global hit animated show The Deep.

What’s the Deep?

The Deep is an Australian/Canadian animated TV series based on the comic book created by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer.

The series follows the Nektons, a family of adventurous underwater explorers who live aboard a state-of-the-art submarine, the Aronnax, and explore unknown areas of the Earth’s oceans to unravel the mysteries of the depths.

The show’s core audience is kids from 7 to 12 years old, and is available on Netflix (Globally), ABC ME (Australia), CBBC (UK), Family CHRGD (Canada), France 4 (France).

Our Mission: Grow the Deep’s Viewership Using Social Media

We’ve worked with the Technicolor Animation team on formulating a digital strategy, creating content and managing their social media calendar for their global hit animated show The Deep.

Scope of the project: target English speaking countries (heavy focus on North America, the UK, and Australia) and France.

The Challenge: Address Two Audiences Organically

The main challenge was the ability to reach two very different audiences on social media. Kids, who are below the age limit to have a social media account, and parents who decide what family-friendly programs to watch with their kids.

The other challenge was to grow their social presence organically with almost no access to the advertising budget.

The Solution: Educate Parents With Fun & Kids Friendly Content

We developed a content strategy designed to target each audience daily where it’s the most active: parents on Facebook, kids on YouTube.
Parents were a critical audience to reach as they decide – most of the time – what their kids can and can’t watch on TV or YouTube. Educating parents on Facebook about the show meant a higher chance for them to recommend it to their own kids. We also activated local trustworthy parent influencers.

We developed an engaging native content strategy mixing images, micro-videos (4-10 sec), and short videos (2-10 min) extracted from the show and posted daily. We also added educational pieces to the mix about ocean preservation, one of the main themes of the show.

The Results

+82% followers in 2019 (17.3k followers on Dec. 31st, 2019)


+94% followers from 3,795 to 7,357 followers (+3,562)
4.1M video impressions
+119% people reached compared to 2018
593k video views


+69% followers from 5,220 to 8,828 followers (+3,608)
+50% engaged Moms
+35% engaged Dads