The LPSolutions: Flat Rate Price Book App Development

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The LPSolutions Price Book is a service adding a new and innovative approach to creating and using a flat rate price book.


The client wanted to develop an app which helps businesses and their employees bring the process of selling to convenience when using a flat rate price book. The application’s functionality aimed to provide its users with the opportunity to edit the list of offerings and articles, manage the list of employees and their relations, etc.

Besides the overall development, SumatoSoft was asked to pay extra attention to the following features, crucial for this type of applications:

  • UI convenience
  • A high level of security
  • Fault tolerance

Our Solution

The application comes up with an immediate pricing for specialty items not found in a regular flat rate price book. It is also possible to preview what a flat rate price book will look like prior to having it printed.

Moreover, thanks to the Employee/Owner login system, employees can double check invoices. This way, owners can see the profit per job that employees cannot see. As for the subscription fee payment methods, the solution accepts credit cards or PayPal.

The other technological aspect worth mentioning is the redevelopment of Profit Generator App, the part of the LPS Pricebook. The app used to be written on Python, now it has been brought to Ruby on Rails.