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The Moroccan Show – Web Application Design & Development

Astro – Digital Agency
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Migrating a community of meme makers in Morocco from Facebook to a New Social Website through avant garde features that convinces them to get in.

We built a community web application that needed to convince the facebook community to create accounts and advance in it.

Laravel PHP

Built on the lightweight and the most secure PHP framework ever, offering the possibility to the client to actually have the choice to hire multiple developers of multiple aspects.

User Authentication

The Web App is based on the user authentification that can be done by giving information such as: Name, Email, Password. But we wanted to make it simple to the users coming from Facebook so we integrated the single-click sign-on through their API which allows the user to register in 2 seconds. In addition to that, we added the Google Single Sign-on for newcomers.

User Privileges

  • Admin: Full access
  • Contributor: Publish memes + access to meme maker
  • Newbie: Submit memes so the admin can make him/her a contributor if their content is good. So they’ll have access to the meme maker.

Upvoting System

The platform is all about Good funny content, so we allowed users to upvote the content they liked and it goes like this: An admin can upvote up to +100, A contributor can upvote up to +50 and a newbie can upvote up to +1

Monthly Ranking

The top performers’ profiles appear on the homepage so the admin can give them an incentive.

The Moroccan Show Mobile Version


The Moroccan Show Desktop Version