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Creating a digital marketing strategy for VOLI.me — the largest, safest and fastest online store in Montenegro.

About the Client

VOLI is a Montenegrin retailer, with primary activity in the operation of supermarkets. With over 2,000 employees, it is the largest employer in Montenegro. Its retail network consists of 40 outlets throughout Montenegro, with concepts ranging from convenience stores to a company-owned shopping mall, with VOLI hypermarket as the anchor tenant. In addition to its retail business, in 2011 VOLI became an authorized dealer for BMW and Mini car makers for Montenegro.


VOLI was primarily recognized as a supermarket and unlike smaller competing companies, it was not present online. During 2020 and the outbreak of the global pandemic, they faced business problems due to measures against the spread of infectious diseases, which were prescribed by a limited number of people in supermarkets.

At that time, VOLI addressed us with a request to create the most modern webshop in Montenegro, through which it will place over 25 thousand items. In addition, it was equally important to design an advertising campaign in Montenegro, in order to raise awareness among users that they can order online, without going to the supermarket and without the risk of coronavirus infection.


While our developers worked diligently on the final segments of the platform, which will become the largest eCommerce project in Montenegro and the region, our marketing and design teams created an advertising campaign, logo, and other materials.

After a few days spent in brainstorming meetings and repeating keywords for the proposed value of the platform: simple, safe, fast, and in a hurry; it suddenly hit us — a cover of the famous KIM song “Kiss me quickly, I’m in hurry” performed by SevdahBABY seemed to have the perfect wording and style to become the jingle for this campaign.

Thanks to Milan Stanković (SevdahBABY) we had a ready version of “Love me, quickly, I’m in hurry”, which became a trademark of the VOLI webshop platform. The reason why we chose to change the word Kiss into Love is simply that the company name and domain VOLI.me on Montenegrin means “Love me”.

The slogan for the campaign “One click and you’re already in the supermarket” was made whole with the jingle. As always, we were guided by the idea that all segments of the solution are simple, sophisticated, with a great and striking design. Our aim is to create efficient and effective solutions for laying the foundations and development of the online market in Montenegro.

In the meanwhile, our digital marketing team developed a detailed advertising strategy for social media and Google Ads platforms, with the aim to raise awareness, increase website traffic and gain as much information as possible on customers interests that can be used later and to provide customers with a much better user experience.


After two months of aggressive online and offline campaigns, voli.me became the leading eCommerce platform in Montenegro and the most up-to-date online store on the market. Regarding the jingle and slogan, the song got into people’s ears so much that they forgot the original lyrics of the song. That was one of our main goals since the new song lyrics consist of domain and company name.