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GetLitt is a digital library designed to encourage the reading habit among children.

About the Project

GetLitt is a digital library designed to encourage the reading habit among children. It contains numerous e-books specially curated for children of all ages. But what makes it so special is the way these books are presented to make reading an enjoyable experience. The whole platform is gamified that makes reading super engaging and blissful for children. It is also packed with features like earning points, badges, different levels, and a quiz that further piques the curiosity of the children. Thus, GetLitt is a platform to make reading a fun habit and develop a love for books among kids.


The truth is children despise reading. And in the era of digital media consumption, it’s a pain in the neck to make them participate in reading activities. So, the challenge was to develop a platform that is fun yet provides learning and develops reading habits among children. The answer to that was gamification. We had to gamify the entire platform and involve activities like quiz, levels, score, leaderboards, badges, achievements that would allure kids to read books.


One of the key features of the GetLitt is the gamification that makes reading a fun and loving task for kids. They are encouraged to read with rewards like badges, points, unlocking achievements and levels and can test their intelligence with the quiz. Thus, making the reading experience more engaging and motivating kids to read more.

Quirky characters and cartoons pique children’s interest and GetLitt is full of such characters and graphics. Our designers have paid special attention to design captive graphics including cartoons, characters, transactions and colours that fascinates the children.


GetLitt has become one of the most successful startups earning the favour of investors for huge funds. We are delighted to help our clients to achieve their goals and most importantly developing an app that will help children to form a good habit of reading books


  • Angular 4
  • PostgreSQL
  • NodeJS
  • Android Application
  • iOS Application

Services Provided

  • Business Analysis
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • MVP Development — Web/Mobile App
  • Ongoing Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

Live URL of the Work: https://www.getlitt.co/