Website Redesign & SEO Campaign for an eCommerce Nut Retailer

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency
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A renowned nut retailer sees a tremendous rise in traffic and customer orders with Comrade’s web development and digital marketing solutions.

About the Project

The company is a renowned wholesaler and eCommerce retailer of nuts, dried fruits, and bulk snacks. Over time, the company suffered stagnation because of an outdated website design and limited internal marketing efforts. The company’s old-fashioned website could not keep up with demand or compete with larger industry suppliers.


Nut Stop produces over 100 varieties of nuts and dried fruits and over 30 signature mixes for B2B and B2C channels besides its wholesale bulk supplies. It was essential for Comrade to redesign a website that would enable faster, more user-friendly performance while at the same time retaining its structural integrity needed to support the company’s large catalog and complex sales structure.


Comrade redesigned the company’s website to make it high-performing and focused on enhanced speed and user experience. We also deployed an SEO strategy and many other improvements.


Comrade created a clean and easy-to-use interface that completely modernized Nut Stop’s website while maintaining the structural integrity needed to sustain its large-scale operation. Comrade’s stellar SEO solutions have resulted in a huge increase in Nut Stop’s web traffic and customer orders.

  • 3.2x Organic Traffic Increase
  • 35% Conversion Rate Improvement