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IOS and Android mobile platform to make your or someone else’s dreams come true using video streaming solutions.

  1. Approachability of en expertise. We constantly provided the client with accessible people who met the requirements and expectations of the project and will be ready to continue the following challenges. A complete software development life cycle was provided by Jetsoftpro company.
  2. Architecture. We participated in the modulation of the technical architecture, as we have relevant experience.
  3. Management. A complete software development life cycle was provided by Jetsoftpro company. The project was developing by the mobile and back end team during 4-months.
  4. Team extension. We provided cross platformed  Mobile development team, Python, AWS infrastructure services and tools, and for sure business analytic and QA.
  5. Design(UI/UX). We created a completely brand-new simply and user-friendly design that is unique and fully met end-users expectations.

Client’s goals:

  • The main client’s goal was to find a partner capable of embracing a pioneering project capable of bringing not only developers but able to react to challenges bringing ideas, suggestions, and solutions.
  • The short term goal, moreover, was to create an MVP to show investors the infinite potentiality of the product and start building communities around the platform.
  • The second goal was to move forward into development (mobile app, web app, etc.) to include additional business models and create our ecosystem. We didn’t create, on purpose, any detailed technical specification, but, on the other side we promoted autonomy and critical thinking.

About app:

Once you have the X+ app, you can sign-up as a Dreamer or a Doer. A Dreamer is someone who wants to make their dreams come true and to live them as an experience in real life. Creating a dream is also super easy. Once matched with a Doer, the user can chat and discuss details, including price and exact time for connection.