Our goal is to develop services that improve the lives of many small and medium-sized enterprises around the world based on the idea that digital agencies and clients can work together no matter where they are in the world – the only thing they need is a way to meet. We provide that platform.

Achieving Equality

At TDA, we believe in giving everyone a fair chance.

We are leveling the playing field for digital service providers. Our aim is to democratize the way businesses work together -- unlocking the potential of lower-income countries and significantly impacting the lives of communities in which they operate.

That’s why it costs nothing to create a profile, publish content on TDA, and pitch for new work. The more effort you put into maintaining your profile and producing high-quality case studies and articles, the more likely it is that your agency will be noticed by potential clients.

Connecting the World

At TDA, we believe in building bridges.

Some of the greatest restrictions companies everywhere across the world face are based on outdated concepts – because, although there are oceans in the physical world, there are no oceans on the Internet.

To achieve this goal, we have decided not to restrict companies and digital agencies from seeking one another simply because of their geographical location.

Our services will never force any location-based restrictions on anyone using our platform.

Creating Value

At TDA, we believe in mutual benefit.

While some agreements are one-sided, they don’t all have to be. We want to create a platform where all agreements are entirely mutually beneficial.

To achieve this goal, we have decided to give companies and digital agencies all the tools they need to find their perfect match – a business partner they can always rely on to create mutual value.

The Team

We’re a team of young professionals and our goals is to transform the way millions of companies and agencies around the world do business.

Meet Our Team

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