Everything You Need to Know About SEO in 2018 and Beyond


One of the biggest issues with SEO is the often confusing terminology. To help you do better we break it down from A to Z.

  • Why You Should Care About SEO in 2018!
  • This is just a bunch of hocus pocus!
  • My customers know where to find me!
  • My target audience doesn’t do search.
  • I don’t need SEO, I am on Amazon!
  • My business doesn’t need SEO, we use Facebook!

These are only a few of the comments actual clients made when we approach them about SEO in 2018. Yes, really! And we have tons more. But don’t laugh, folks. This is serious. SEO in 2018 has become an integral part of any effective only presence. You know, the kind that actually supports your business objectives. Why? Because without an effective SEO strategy your business website does not have much chance of rising to the top of all that digital noise. And that’s not good for your business.

Of course, a major obstacle to SEO in 2018 is that most business owners and marketers do not have a clear understanding of what exactly is involved. We understand, SEO in 2018 is a pretty complex subject. And there is a lot of false or misleading information out there that further confuses and frustrates modern business owners.

But that does not change the fact that business owners and marketers must pay attention to search engine optimization in 2018. And that includes a lot more than simple adding a few keywords to your content. SEO in 2018 focuses on everything from your website design (you do have a mobile-first website by now, don’t you?) to the user experience you provide and how well your website is optimized. And yes, keywords and content are part of the mix in there as well.

Let’s Start with the Basics of SEO in 2018

Here at the highly caffeinated agency we firmly believe that once people have a basic understanding of a concept they are much more likely to actually follow and implement it. You just have to start out nice and easy. The big problem with search engine optimization is that most guides and publications quickly get way too technical for the average business marketer. What they really want and need is a simple guide and introduction to SEO.

Of course, with a complex subject like SEO a simple guide can be hard to find. So we are very excited to be able to share this awesome infographic from Digital Meal with you today! It is one of the best summations we have found so far. It will really help business owners and marketers of all skill levels better understand common search engine optimization terminology, what exactly they mean, and how all that affects your SEO in 2018 and beyond.

The A-Z of SEO in 2018

A to Z of SEO 2018 infographic

Infographic courtesy of Digital Meal

What Happens Next?

Well, now that you have a better understanding of the A to Z of SEO in 2018 you are ready to benefit from your newly gained knowledge. How you benefit is pretty much up to you. Some of you may feel perfectly comfortable doing this on your own, while others may need some professional SEO help. If you are just starting out with SEO on your own you may find these SEO blog posts a handy resource.

The best way to get started with SEO in 2018, or any other time, is to start with the low hanging fruit. Don’t try to incorporate an advanced strategy such as Accelerated Mobile Pages if you are an SEO newbie. You will simply frustrate yourself, and all without achieving any of the results you hope for. So start with something simple instead. Do you have missing page titles? Add them! Do you have duplicate content? Remove it! You get our drift, right?

Of course, you can simply look at the nice infographic, and decide not to do anything at all. That will do nothing for your online presence, but your competitors will love it! Are you really sure you want them to all get ahead of your awesome brand or product company?

How Did This Work for You?

Did you learn something new about SEO in 2018, and how to use it to your advantage? Did you make any changes on your website after reading this? And how did that work out for you? We are always interested in hearing from our readers, so feel free to drop us a note.

Thank you! We appreciate your help to end bad business websites, one pixel at a time!

By ESPRESSO Team Highly Caffeinated Digital Creatives @ESPRESSOcreates