How to Write Marketing Copy

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Are you writing, or have you been writing marketing copy that does not seem to grab attention and push your site conversion rates?

You are not alone.

Marketing copy is a unique type of writing whose primary goal is to deliver:

  • The right value
  • To the right audience
  • At the right time

Your marketing copy must be relevant, targeted and timely. “Copy’s the heart and soul of any marketing strategy,” Ian Lurie, Executive Vice President at Clearlink, says in his Linked in course; Learning to write marketing copy.

Are there any special tricks and techniques you need to write great marketing copy?


Understanding the characteristics of marketing copy will help you craft copy that fascinates, engages and persuades the audience to act.

Characteristics of great copywriting

  1. Persuasive: Marketing copy must be compelling to attract the right attention and response from your target audience.
  2. Sales Pitch: Your text must grab and retain the reader’s attention. Your writing must have a call to action, to evoke a positive outcome; for example, get people to buy a product, go to vote, click to listen to a podcast or support a charity.
  3. Visual Appeal: Marketing copy has both content and visual appeal.

So how do you do this?

Assemble Your Writing Tools

It would help if you had your laptop, a timer, glass of water, an audio recording device and a backup such as a pen drive.

Create a Writing Plan

A writing plan involves writing notes about your audience. You can obtain this information from the project director, your friends or even the company employers.

Freewrite to Get Ideas

Start by free writing to generate ideas about your pitch. Do not mind about the grammar and spellings. Just allow your thoughts to flow.

Write the First Draft

Now that you have the ideas figured out,

  • Focus on the Value You Want to Offer the Reader – what will the reader benefit from your product.
  • Focus on Your Target Audience – break down your audience in terms of gender, age, income levels, status, and education level.
  • Focus on the Benefit to Design an Appropriate Call to Action – What the reader will benefit from your product.

Observe the General Rules

Get your thoughts down, write one chunk per sprint and keep your goal in mind.

Polish the Draft

Address the reader directly using you, and “your”.

Instead of: “The latest brand of fluorescent bulbs manufactured by Lanterna enterprises provides the best light for any household in the city.”

Write: “The Lanterna brand of fluorescent lights, gives you the best lighting for your home.”

Polish the Marketing Copy

Get someone to edit your text, and then proofread, look at the print forward focusing on punctuation and then backward looking at spelling errors.

Write Your Headline

The headline is crucial for your marketing copy. So, craft two to three headlines and test them out.

Keep these techniques in mind, and you will see your marketing copy yield more action from your readers.

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