Key UX Principles You Should Abide by for Enhanced User Experience!

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A digital product’s user experience depends on one cardinal rule – never base your product on what your customers say they want!

When you start with the initial steps into the world of web or mobile app development, the one most crucial thing that you should be aware of is that 93% of first impressions these days are all design-related.

The most feature-rich website or powerful product is absolutely proclaimed as powerless if it is integrated into an obsolete or a poor design. That is why it is essential to closely think about the UX design of your web/app when turning your business dream into a successful reality!

A digital product’s user experience depends on one cardinal rule – never base your product on what your customers say they want. Rather it should be purely based on your customers’ actions. This means, that the experience design of your web/app should not be about how it feels, but how it actually works for your customers. Adopting this key rule will enhance the overall business experience for your customers and convert even the first visitors into “brand-loyal customers”.

Since the field of UX design is quite popular and vast, there are some important points that even top UX designers fail to learn and implement. Many of them largely concentrate on just the user, but the fact is that this principle on its own can turn out to be very challenging. So, what are the essential factors to take into consideration while building a new yet best experience for your users! Or which are the key principles that differentiate a good engaging digital product from a poor one!

Let’s find out by reading further and helping you reach out to a broader audience and engage users with your website and the brand!

What Are UX Design Principles?

Ok, so user experience design generally focuses on understanding user requirements, their specific needs for any product, and their major dislikes. To be precise, user experience design principles provide a strong foundation for creating a robust solution through new design patterns, progressing standards, and most importantly interaction models.

Top Principles For UX Design

Focus on User-Centric Design

This fundamental is more about understanding how to use basic empathy while making any design decisions in a product. Designers always want to develop a product using their highest skills, which can help them to decide, depending on their preferences. But the best UX design should be customizable for users, which means forgetting the designer’s opinions and preferences. Because in the end, the website or application will cater to user requirements. So it is them whose opinions, choices, pain points and requirements are the ones that matter the most. You must invest in knowing and understanding what your user wants and expects.

Follow the Hierarchy

This is another key UX design principle that you should know about! Following this at the initial stages gives you several benefits. This allows the users to browse through your app or website more smoothly and discover what they are searching for. This is crucial because it enables the designers as well as the business owners to precisely observe how the app or website functions. This also helps in building the site map. This further helps in creating a design hierarchy that can interlink the web pages logically and consistently.

User Control Is Important

User Control is a part of UX in several ways. Users tend to have a great experience controlling their activities and your product as well. An important aspect of user control is allowing the users or visitors to correct their errors. For example – an Undo button, keyboard shortcuts, advanced search, etc.

Usability Is the Key

Offering better usability is one of the top gifts you can give to your users. It involves checking whether your users can do activities comfortably, whether your product functions properly, and how efficiently it does its job. Your product will fail to serve its users and visitors if its usability fails. Dedicated UX designers follow high usability standards that ensure that the product is a perfect fit for launch, free from glitches and a hit in the market.


There are times when users unintentionally delete a product or make a payment, which lets them have a poor experience. Hence needing confirmation is an essential feature that you must not forget. Confirmation allows the users to cancel, change an unintended action or think about it again. For example, Gmail asks users to confirm before deleting bulk emails or doing a permanent action.

Bottom Line

UX design is a quick, and strategic function that plays an uplifting part both in the lives of a designer as well in your business cycle. There are a number of web UX design principles that are applied from small to large-scale designs. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to user behavior, describe and achieve business goals, embrace the trendiest technologies, use simple yet different design methods, take care of consistency, and consider good User Experience as a priority no matter what your product is about, to achieve quality results.