Key WordPress Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Business Website Up and Running!


Neglecting your WordPress website puts it, and your business at risk. These key WordPress website maintenance tips will help you do better!


Here at the highly caffeinated agency we specialize in building top-rated WordPress websites for businesses and organizations of all kinds. And it always amazes us that many business owners honestly believe they are done when they launch their business website. Unfortunately the opposite is true. Any website is vulnerable if it is left unattended. This is especially true for complex CMS sites like WordPress. These WordPress maintenance tips will help you keep your site all that it can be.

WordPress powers about 25% of all the world’s website. WordPress hacks are also the most common. BigDropInk

Website maintenance is something most business owners don’t really focus on; they have lots of other things to do as well! It is only when their site starts acting up that they begin to notice. Unfortunately at that time it may be too late to help your site. These WordPress maintenance tips will help you prevent that. All you have to do is actually implement them!

About 30,000 websites are infected with some type malware daily. BigDropInk

I suggest that you get into a regular habit of maintaining your WordPress website, say on a Wednesday afternoon. Of course you can choose any day or time that is a bit slower for you. Use these WordPress maintenance tips to schedule tasks you need to perform. As you will notice some tasks can be scheduled ahead so you don’t have to deal with them. Others you will need to perform manually.


Infographic courtesy of Newt Labs


Performing regular maintenance and updates on your WordPress site is much more time and cost-effective than a complete rebuild after your site crashes or gets hacked. Getting in the habit of regular WordPress maintenance is not difficult, and if you do this on a regular basis it will only take you a few minutes. We recommend that you set aside a half hour a week to perform updates and maintenance on your site. Most likely it will take you less than that!

It only takes about 10 minutes to crack a lowercase password that is 6 characters long. BigDropInk

If you are unable to follow these WordPress maintenance tips you should check to see if your web designer or host offers a website maintenance plan, and sign up for it. If your current service provider does not offer this service find one who does. In order to have a worry-free online presence it is absolutely essential that you follow our WordPress maintenance tips on a regular basis.

The Average Website Hack Costs a Small Business Over $2500 To Repair Heartland Computer


Here at, we offer a full range of WordPress website maintenance services, including WordPress web design and developmenttechnical support servicessearch engine optimization, and website maintenance plansContact us to learn more about how our team can help you implement our essential WordPress website maintenance tips to eliminate potential problems on your WordPress site, and keep it running smoothly.

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By Gregor Schmidt Co-Founder / Creative Technologist @gregorspeaks