MedX App: Secure, Real-Time Healthcare Messaging with PubNub and AWS Translate

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By leveraging PubNub to rebuild MedX, Distillery gained the secure, scalable infrastructure and real-time APIs needed to innovate the healthcare app.

The healthcare industry is hungry for innovation. Companies like MedX are driving that innovation, using technology to revolutionize how healthcare happens. 

MedX is a secure, compliant, real-time messaging solution (iOS/Android) that improves quality of care for patients by streamlining doctor-to-doctor communication. As MedX’s development partner, Distillery was fortunate to help build the solution.

We needed to source and integrate with the right technology (e.g., infrastructure, APIs) to complete the work. That’s why, early on, we enlisted PubNub, a global data stream network (DSN) that provides reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure, real-time APIs, and SDKs. PubNub was the clear choice to power MedX’s backend messaging infrastructure and new features.

Currently, Distillery is one of only six PubNub Certified Development Partners. That means we bring the deep knowledge and experience required to help companies expedite development with PubNub and get to market faster.

Leveraging PubNub, Distillery was able to deliver the MedX app significantly faster than if it had been built in-house. We successfully rebuilt the product, remedied bugs, and deployed a secure, reliable backend infrastructure. We also built new features, including a real-time medical newsfeed and real-time message translation (powered by AWS Translate) that lets doctors communicate even when they don’t speak the same language. We integrated with hospitals’ larger tech ecosystems. We also successfully ensured ongoing regulatory compliance, given the closed network, automatic 30-day message expiration, and secure image sending. If you’d like to learn more, PubNub published a case study detailing our joint effort to develop the secure, real-time messaging healthcare app using PubNub and AWS Translate. 

MedX is used in hospitals by 23,000+ users. That number will only grow with MedX’s upcoming international expansion – expansion that will be seamlessly supported by PubNub’s scalable infrastructure. Now THAT’S what we call innovation in healthcare.

Want to learn more about how Distillery teams with PubNub to expedite development while improving reliability and security? Let us know!