Monthly Trending Ruby on Rails Repositories | March 14th

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In this issue, you’ll find management platform, a tool to parse CSS, AWS SDK for Ruby and many other awesome Rails projects on GitHub.

Yesterday we’ve made a scope of great JavaScript repositories popular this March. But as Ruby on Rails agency, we definitely are about to create the new digest with interesting and useful Ruby/Ruby on Rails open source projects. And we did it! Meet monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories from March 14! In this issue you’ll find management platform, a tool to parse CSS, AWS SDK for Ruby, automation tool for mobile development, view models for Rails and many other awesome Rails projects on GitHub worth your attention!

The list starts with the most recent updates.

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails GitHub repositories

  • ManageIQ is an open-source Management Platform that delivers the insight, control, and automation that enterprises need to address the challenges of managing hybrid IT environments.
  • Autoprefixer Rails is a tool to parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the Can I Use database. This gem provides Ruby and Ruby on Rails integration with this JavaScript tool.
  • AWS SDK for Ruby (Version 3) is the official or Ruby gem that modularizes the monolithic SDK into service-specific gems, for example, aws-sdk-s3 and aws-sdk-dynamodb. Now each service gem uses strict semantic versioning, along with the benefits of continuous delivery of AWS API updates.
  • Fastlane is a tool for iOS and Android developers to automate tedious tasks like generating screenshots, dealing with provisioning profiles, and releasing your application.
  • Draper provides view models for Rails. It adds an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails application.
  • Bundler is a gem to bundle gems, it makes sure Ruby applications run the same code on every machine. It does this by managing the gems that the application depends on. Given a list of gems, it can automatically download and install those gems, as well as any other gems needed by the gems that are listed.
  • StoreModel is a gem that allows working with JSON-backed database columns in a similar way we work with ActiveRecord models.
  • Active Admin is a Ruby on Rails framework for creating elegant backends for website administration. Last year we wrote about ActiveAdmin performance optimizations for Rails apps.
  • ClientSideValidations is a gem for Client Side Validations made easy for Ruby on Rails.
  • Homebrew Core is a default formula for the missing package manager for macOS.
  • Webpacker is a gem that makes it easy to use the JavaScript pre-processor and bundler Webpack 4.x.x+ to manage application-like JavaScript in Rails.
  • TruffleRuby is a high-performance implementation of the Ruby programming language. Built on the GraalVM by Oracle Labs, it aims to run idiomatic Ruby code faster and in parallel.
  • Sail is a lightweight Rails engine that brings an admin panel for managing configuration settings on a live Rails app.
  • Pagy is the ultimate pagination gem that outperforms the others in each and every benchmark and comparison.
  • Jekyll is a blog-aware static site generator in Ruby.
  • passwordless is an authentication engine for your Rails app without the icky-ness of passwords.
  • Enums is a library that provides safe enumeration types – a set of symbolic keys bound to unique integer numbers.
  • Slack Ruby Client is a Ruby and command-line client for the Slack Web, Real Time Messaging and Event APIs.
  • Flipper is a Ruby gem for enabling/disabling features or parts of your app. Whatever your data store, throughput, or experience, feature flipping should be easy and have minimal impact on your application. Here’s a short review about Flipper.
  • PyCall is a library that provides the features to directly call and partially interoperate with Python from the Ruby language. You can import arbitrary Python modules into Ruby modules, call Python functions with automatic type conversion from Ruby to Python.
  • TTY-Markdown helps you to convert a markdown document or text into a terminal friendly output. It provides independent markdown processing component for TTY toolkit.
  • Semantic Logger is a feature-rich logging framework and replacement for existing Ruby and Rails loggers.
  • AnnotateModels present Annotate Rails classes with schema and routes info.

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