My Work Experience at Crowd

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We recently welcomed Danielle into the office for a fortnight’s work experience at crowd…


As I am only 15, I was very curious about what work in a digital marketing agency would be like. I was really excited (and very nervous) for my first day at Crowd yet I came in and everyone was kind and welcoming. On the first day I got straight into some work for the social team, then Lee briefed me on my first project. I started doing some research for the #StreetCreative campaign ready to come up with logos. Learning about three new softwares I had never used before was really exciting.

By Thursday, I had created a presentation with three different logos that I had created on photoshop, which I then presented to Jamie, Remy and Lee. I was so happy with their feedback which definitely boosted my confidence because I had worked very hard on it. I then designed an app and several mock-ups of what it could look like in real life. Seeing the process from the first brief to the final product for a global campaign was really cool.

In my second week, I helped out with brand-naming, reviewing a client’s social media, designing business cards and making an animated banner.

Working at Crowd has been an amazing experience as I have learnt so much, not only in my digital designing skills but also in general work life. The best part about working here is that no day is the same – there is always something new to do.

Thank you for having me Crowd!