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We’re a boutique marketing agency that specializes in helping companies connect with their customers and thrive.


What we can do for you

Clients choose LO:LA for our ability to create magic in moments that matter, and for the level of care, compassion and communication we bring to every project. Whether you are a B2C or B2B business, a startup looking to define its message or a more established brand in need of a refresh…. it all starts by creating a clear and cohesive brand that resonates with your target customer. From there, we can produce creative assets and content that are compelling, constructed to be evergreen, and applicable across all platforms.

Brand & Identity

From $25,000

A brand is a promise kept. And your brand is truly the last unfair advantage you have in business. LO:LA will help craft your brand and story in a way that feels authentic and inspires & engages customers. Through the right words, images and content, we will help illustrate a clear vision for the brand, articulate what you stand for, and showcase the value being offered. “Facts may tell, but stories sell”

Brand & identity work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)


From $25,000

Your website is often the first place a customer will interact with your brand. From design to development, we can create and enhance a digital experience for your customers that combines the right imagery and copy with a simple and friction-free UX.

Website work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)

Video Content: Intro/Explainer

From $7,000

Typically (seconds) in length, these videos articulate who you are and what you do in an easy-to-understand fashion. They can include animation, use existing or stock footage (no live shoots, no cast or talent) and incorporate small amounts of graphics and voice-over.

Intro/explainer video work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)

Video Content: Testimonials

From $15,000

These videos demonstrate authenticity and connect the viewer with the people behind the brand or product or with those who are existing customers. Testimonial videos convey credibility and trust.

Testimonial video work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)

Video Content: Sizzle Film

From $7,000

This type of film can be used for many different purposes. It can share your brand’s noble purpose, invite your audience to connect with and join your mission or can be used to energize and galvanize your internal team. A sizzle film generates authenticity and sentiment.

Sizzle film video work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)

Video Content: Ad Spots

From $15,000- $125,000

Videos that range from 15 to 90 seconds and shot at a studio or on-location.Typically includes talent or a cast. Authentic and powerful stories that connect, inspire and engage your customers. The content produced can deliver your brand across all platforms (TV, streaming, social media, email & website).

Ad spot work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)

Digital Marketing

From $20,000

From crafting a strategic marketing plan and content strategy to executing it through social media, email and blogs, LO:LA can help you communicate a clear and cohesive brand across all of your digital platforms. Our focus is always on consistent messaging and engaging content & copy to drive audience growth and conversion.

Digital marketing work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)

Brand Collateral

From $10,000

From investor or sales decks to event presentations, we can produce materials that align with your brand while delivering concise messaging to potential customers and clients.

Brand collateral work from one of the best digital agencies London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)


What will be done




    Brand vision, mission & personality


    Logo, colors, fonts/typefaces, photography style & tone of voice

  1. UX Strategy

  2. Wireframes

  3. Design

  4. Copywriting

  5. Development

  6. Deployment

  1. Idea Generation

  2. Script Writing

  3. Storyboards

  4. Art Direction

  5. Pre & Post Production

  6. Photography

  1. Platform Strategy

    Social Media, Email, Blogs, Paid Media

  2. Content Calendar & Schedule

  3. Copywriting

    For social media posts, emails and/or blogs

  4. Imagery Selection

    For social media posts, emails and/or blogs

  5. Ongoing Management & Deployment


What we need to know

  1. What is the goal of your project?

  2. What is your budget and when do you need the project completed by?

  3. Who will be involved in the decision-making process?

  4. What has been your greatest challenge in selecting an agency partner (current or in the past)?

Frequently Asked Questions

What people usually ask us

Our breadth of collective marketing experience spans across B2C and B2B, from emerging brands as well as those more established. We have worked with and for brands within CPG, e-commerce, food/beverage, retail, restaurants, automotive, alcohol/spirits, SasS, technology, non-profit and financial services.

We break it down into 4 simple steps: 1. Defining the problem to solve, 2. Identify how to best articulate the brand, 3. Execute in the right messaging and mediums to share that message, and 4. Learn from the insights to best evolve the brand and messaging. And of course, to all this we add in a little “magic”!

Once an accurate and realistic timeline has been determined and agreed upon, our goal is to deliver on time (and on budget). It is only when there have been changes or added requests to the scope of work made by the client or unforeseen circumstances outside our control that delays may occur.

Any good partnership starts with honest communication from both sides, the more details you can share about your goals, decision-making process, timing and budget the better! We promise to always offer transparency and trust and ask the same of our clients. And we see collaboration as the greatest asset to any successful outcome.

Think of LO:LA as an extension of your marketing team, curated specifically to your brand or campaign. We can offer “a la carte” services on a project or work as your retained agency. We always come from a very collaborative approach, working with all designated stakeholders and acclimating to your internal processes. We will always be transparent with costs, expectations and deliverables. Though problems or challenges will always arise, LO:LA prides itself on how we address, communicate and proactively offer solutions. Our goal is to be your long-term partner.

About Us


LO:LA stands for London : Los Angeles.

We are a modern, creative agency specializing in helping B2C and B2B businesses engage, evolve, and most importantly THRIVE. Founded in 2017, we bring big agency and in-house experience matched with the flexibility, attention and “outside the box” thinking of an independent shop.

We call our approach “The New ROI: Return On Ideas”. This best-in-class process takes what’s most compelling for your customer and through the power of words, pictures and pixels combined with data, insights and intuition, we turn ideas into experiences that are relevant, inspire and motivate.

“80% of people crave good stories but wish brands were better at telling them.”


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