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Claim Your 20% off Whatagraph

Whatagraph provides visual and automated cross-channel marketing reports to digital agencies. Join agencies like Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Omnicom Media, Dentsu Aegis, and Mullen Lowe, to name a few, that rely on Whatagraph to build a single report with key metrics from client websites and social media platforms.

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Claim Your 10% off Adriel

Adriel is pioneering the future of digital marketing by leveraging machine learning technology to create a seamless experience for running ads online. We understand that many ambitious SMBs and startups struggle to devote time, resources, and budget for digital marketing. That’s where Adriel can help. Simply tell us a few things about your business and let us design and create ads for you. Next, we’ll run your ads on multiple platforms and improve your performance – collectively supported by AI and cross platform insights.

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Claim Your 20% off Demodesk Subscription and 1-month Extended Trial

Demodesk is helping inside sales and customer success teams close more deals faster with a holistic online meeting solution. Our platform accelerates sales teams by automatically loading slides and websites to present, providing conversational guidance along sales playbooks and helping handle sales objections on the spot - all available from within the cloud-based conferencing tool.

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Claim Your 100% off AdChina for the First Two Months

Expand your advertising reach to include China today. With you get access to the 10 top channels in China, granular audience targeting, Cross-channel reporting, and an agency friendly platform, all in English. Our international team is ready to help, translating ads to Chinese, cutting through the red tape, and getting your customers live in the world’s #1 consumer market, fast. Looking to add China? We’ve got your back.

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Claim Your 100% off Hunch for the First Month

Hunch makes paid social easy, fun, and profitable. Hunch empowers you to unlock brand product data to drive creative production while helping your eCommerce business to grow online by creating automated & personalized customer journeys that improve FB and Instagram ROI. With Hunch, you build amazing customer journeys on Facebook that personalize experiences and convert customers with the right creative at the right time.

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Claim Your 10% off ExRey SDK

Our ExRey video recognition technology is available as SDK model for anyone who wants to use it in their workflow. Create amazing applications for your clients or add it to existing apps and workflows to enhance functionality they offer. Our SDK will give you powerful and interesting take on interaction with video. We will provide our SDK and technical expertise in order for you to seamlessly integrate it with your client apps or in creation of new ones. Choose your package and you will get 10% as TDA partner.

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