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Mobile App Design and Development for Handyman Service Provider

  • Status of the Project Proposal Finished
  • Start date No Time Limit
  • End date No Time Limit
  • Budget estimation $10,000

We provide handyman services in Zagreb.

To increase the quality of our service we would like to have a mobile app for the customer and the owner.

About the Company

We are a company that offers handyman services to the residents of the City of Zagreb/Croatia since 2016. In the early stage of the company’s development phase, our market has shown a need for such a company (lack of qualified handymen, lack of staff due to leaving abroad, lack of interest in crafts) so we knew it was a good decision to start a company like that. Our company quickly built its reputation as a qualified, transparent, price-responsive and reliable service provider.

By delivering our services, we will always try to solve the problem through repair, first. We see the key to our success in the professionalism of dealing with the clients (meeting the agreed terms, respect the framework on the budget, evaluation of the problematic situation, quick feedback, eliminating the possibility of reclamation), then in a sincere assessment of feedback, eliminating the possibility of complaint. Last but not the least – in an honest assessment of skills for the job, in case we are not able to perform the work in the best possible way, we will do a free diagnosis and recommend a larger contractor.

Our company is a specialist in solving many household problems, replacing bulbs, installing flatscreen TVs, and installing your new custom-made kitchen.

We will help you with unusual tasks, correct the worst disaster you have tried to repair yourself or simply do the job you have not had the time to resolve before, or did not know who you would call for help.

Goals and Objectives

Meeting with the daily commentaries of our friends and communities in which we live today how difficult it is to find a handyman who performs various home repairs and who is reliable enough, we decided to make a change and prove how it could be different.

Market research before the company’s founding came up with a leaked offer of qualified handymen and their services. The number of professional and reliable handymen is low, and the satisfaction of consumers in this segment is low due to: lack of communication, disregarding the arrival time arrangements, lack of interest in small repairs…

Our company aims to change the chaotic situation on the market and to increase the quality of the service by using a free 0800 phone number, through uniformity and also providing a mobile app for its customers.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

Although we are a small company at the moment, our goal is far away in the future.

Primarily, it is important to establish good communication in order to develop a mobile application that will enable us to keep track of all the results we planned and marked as important.

The goal of the three platform applications (user, partner, owner) is not just to increase sales but to create a good platform for creating a successful business and a successful community of satisfied people.

Budget Estimation