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Science Project Platform Development

  • Status of the Project Proposal Finished
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Budget estimation $10,000

Our website is a platform for pitching smaller-scale science-related projects for promoting good causes, ideas and/or projects in science.

About the Company

We are one of the leading companies in software development for laboratories working in the field of life sciences. We offer our services and products on a global scale, particularly to the US and the European market.

The strongest competitive advantage of our company is the integration of biological knowledge with IT expertise. Our team includes members that were or still are involved in life science research. They work tightly with customers on one side and with our software developers on the other, making sure that we have a deep understanding of how software we are developing will be used on the customer side. This ensures top quality of delivered products.

Our services include all steps of software development lifecycle: writing specifications, coding, testing, and maintenance. Due to our strong life-science expertise, we frequently have quite a lot of influence on software specifications for customers.

One of our products is a science project platform, which was created in partnership with Gilson. Our platform is top-rated by researchers in academia or the related industries, who need electronic lab notebook (ELN), inventory management and project management functionalities.

Goals and Objectives

The aim of our project is two-fold. On one hand, we want to create an online platform that will give a voice and visibility to great scientific projects. We believe this will help raise much-needed awareness of the research projects among the general public in real time.

Additionally, by letting individuals contribute to the projects they personally feel passionate about and responsible for, we hope to close the gap between science and individuals. Our platform will allow and encourage everyone to make a change by supporting the projects they believe in.

Since science is a very conservative yet highly evolving market, it presents a real challenge for any marketer. However, the great cause behind scientific inquiry makes it exciting and worthwhile. We believe that with the help of top digital agencies, we can bring creative solutions from other industries and apply them to science. If done properly and with passion, this platform has the potential to change the world, one supported project at a time.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

The project we are applying to the TDA is set to bridge the gap between science and society. Our clients and partners are working very hard on a day-to-day basis to improve not only our lives but also the lives of our children. Research projects they are working on bring hope to all of humanity, so we can trust in a better future and in a healthier world to work and live in.

We expect to get a high-quality online platform with a modern mobile-responsive design from this project. The website should be set in WordPress CMS, so we can easily update it later with changes. The main purpose of the website is to create a community of researchers, scientists, and people who care about tomorrow so that researchers can register their projects, gain followers and reach their goal of investment/support. The website has to be GDPR compliant, fast to load and have the possibility of reaching a high SEO rank on a global scale.

The proposed timeline is focused on Q3-Q4/2019. If our project is to be selected then, the copywriting, in direct communication with us, would start in Q3, followed by an execution of the project in Q4.

Budget Estimation