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The 10 rules to help you sell your ideas

I have been a creative for longer than I care to remember, but it has been something I have always loved. I was always aware that creating the work was only half the battle, the ability to sell the stories you create is an art form in its own right. I first put these simple rules down on paper a few years ago for the team I was working with, but I think they are as relevant today as they were then. So, here are the 10 simple things I try to stick to when it comes to sharing the work. I hope you find them useful.

Rule #1 Sell the problem…

…and the solution will sell itself. Before you even open your mouth, your client will have a clear understanding of the problems they face but they will have no idea what your solution is.
To position your solution, start with a clear summary of their business problem and show empathy for their situation, explain in detail how you find a simple and elegant solution to the issue at hand. All that is left to do is share the idea.

Rule #2 Do Things Left

Take your client in an unexpected yet welcome direction. Make sure your solution has something unexpected about it, something that gets the client to think differently about their feelings about the current situation.
It may not be the thing that the client ultimately buys, but it will most certainly be the thing that they remember.

Rule #3 Have Fun

Seeing creative work is the high point of any client’s day. Make your presentation enjoyable to sit through, this does not mean cracking jokes or being the center of attention, but it does mean making the presentation light, comfortable and something the client looks forward to.
Remember, when you have fun it’s infectious.

Rule #4 Respect Murphy’s Law

If something is going to go wrong, it will. Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and start again. It can happen to anyone, how you handle it can make all the difference.

Rule #5 Slow Down

We all naturally talk quickly. If we get nervous, we talk even faster. Remember, we don’t want the client to miss what you are saying. Use simple, concise and focused statements. Make sure you pause between points to make sure each idea is understood.

Rule #6 Smile

Look like you are enjoying yourself, after all, you’ve put the time and sweat into the work. You’ve made it just right. Smile and be happy, enjoy the ideas you are presenting.

Rule #7 Make the Story Human

Put yourself in the picture, your idea can always be made more relevant. Put yourself or a loved one in the story and make the story believable, show that it could happen to anyone. Make the solution real in any way you can.

Rule #8 Passion, Period.

Nothing sells ideas like passion. The crucial element when selling your work is giving a s***.

Rule #9 Start Small

Dream big for your clients, the brief might only require a small solution, but always paint a picture of where the work could go! What might it become over time? Could it change the world? Start small but dream big.

Rule#10 Relax

You’ve told the client what you want them to hear, the work is done. The trick is to focus on the good feelings, that way you’ll want to do it again and again.

As I said earlier, working in the creative business is something I love, sharing ideas that can have a positive impact on people makes it all worthwhile. At LO:LA we like to say everything we do is made with love, let us know if we can help you with something you will love.