SEO Results: Free Tools for Checking Your Search Ranking

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“Free SEO tools will help you monitor your SEO results which are a number priority for every company’s marketing efforts. Good SEO it’s the easiest way to ensure that you have a constant number of potential customers coming in.”

Free SEO tools will help you monitor your SEO results which are a number priority for every company’s marketing efforts. Good SEO it’s the easiest way to ensure that you have a constant number of potential customers coming in. You don’t need a huge budget to increase the amount of the traffic from the search engines coming in. We introduce you to these five tools you can use to grow your search traffic, which you can employ completely free.

Google Analytics

The first one worth mentioning is Google Analytics. Increasing your traffic from the search engines is all about the knowledge, which Google Analytics will give you. This free tool will enable you to understand every detail about the people visiting your website. With this tool, you can track your audience, how they acquired you, their behavior, and all the rest you need.

Google Analytics tool is completely free to use and can be applied to any website. Practically, there’s nothing better than Google Analytics for your SEO strategy.

Check My Business Listing by Moz

Do you actually know if your potential customers can find you online in the first place? This is the question that you should give a straight answer to without any hesitation. The Moz provides you will free Check My Business Listing tool that can help you to know for sure whether your customers can find you online.

To check if your business is listed online, you simply need to put your information into the box and you’ll have your current SEO results shown.  Here you can verify your listing’s performance on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Google PageSpeed Insights

When you open your website, it doesn’t harm you to wait few seconds but did you know that a slow loading website will see your company thrown down to the lower search rankings. Page speed is everything when it comes to effective SEO results. Your visitors will leave your website if its web pages don’t load quickly enough.

One of Google’s main ranking factors is a lack of page speed. Google Page Speed Insights is a free tool that will ensure your company isn’t losing its search ranking. It will show you a lot of information on the speed of your website and what you should consider fixing. Moreover, you can also check your desktop and mobile versions separately.


A full performance analysis of your website is crucial to your success. What you also need to check is how your site is measuring up against the competition. SimilarWeb is one tool that can do all of these things. It’s one of the easiest tools to use on the web. You don’t need any technical experience to make this work.

This is not so much a tool you’ll be using on a daily basis like you would Google Analytics, but for performing in-depth analysis it’s perfect.

SEO SiteCheckup

The SEO is not that complicated as some of you may think. SEO SiteCheckup is a tool that can prove it right and help simplify many of the processes required to have a website that will bring a good search traffic.

This tool is available with a free trial and has a lot of functions, such as the analysis of SEO results and issues. You can also use it to monitor your SEO and the SEO of your competition.

These five free tools will help you to improve your SEO results and figure out what you should be up next. Now, which of these tools will you download today?