Shopper Marketing – Connecting Online, Offline and In-store Experiences

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The application of shopper insights along the path to purchase, to affect purchase behavior in order to increase sales for both retailers and manufacturers.

Shopper Marketing – Connecting Online, Offline and In-store Experiences

Shopper Marketing can be defined as “The application of shopper insights along the path to purchase, to affect purchase behavior in order to increase sales for both retailers and manufacturers”.

There is an unprecedented volume of data potentially available to retail store-owners, but market research overwhelmingly indicates that data is either not properly utilized, or simply not captured when it relates to most retailers’ consumer base. Many retailers struggle to measure online, offline and in-store shopper behavior, often failing to meet shoppers’ expectations – and thus, experience even more difficulty connecting with their shoppers, both offline and online.

Today’s shoppers expect retailers to provide a digital (read, mobile) element to their offline and in-store experiences. The success of connecting digital to the in-store experience hinges on both the technology the retailer has to offer and how they leverage their shopper data to understand diverse attitudes, shopping occasions, and need states. In many cases, retailers are lacking key insights into their most valuable shopper profiles and are not engaging with their shopper base with a value generating mindset.

The more retailers know about their shoppers, the better they can serve their needs and keep them coming back for more. By using data acquired from shoppers online, offline and in-store you can:

  • Create a more personalized experience for the shopper;
  • Uncover hidden insights in shopper behavior and buying patterns;
  • Customize product recommendations to a shopper’s unique profile;
  • Engage shoppers more directly and effectively;
  • Utilize segmentation to create targeted shopper marketing campaigns and real-time personalization;
  • Fine-tune shopper marketing initiatives by sending messages relevant to specific interests and demographics, helping reach shoppers more effectively, and;
  • Execute real-time, cross-channel customer journeys

Targeted communications that are relevant and personalized can create lasting customer loyalty, and drive footfall and revenue growth. The challenge is to personalize in a way that doesn’t cross lines and delivers genuine value and relevance.

Creating a single customer view enables brands and retailers to connect both offline and online experiences, unlocking real-time attribution data. Understanding in-store behavior is essential for retailers to reach shoppers at their most critical moments along their path to purchase. Sending timely relevant messages when a shopper is in-store or post-store enables retailers to reach shoppers when they’re either still thinking about shopping or at a time when shopping at the store made the most sense for their schedule. If done effectively, communication that seamlessly interlocks both the digital and physical worlds can make a shopper feel valued, and is a highly effective way to not only inspire purchases but also encourage new buying behaviors.

Building a 360° view of your shoppers and connecting your online, offline and in-store data from a central customer database unlocks key insights to develop shopper marketing strategies that deliver the right message across multiple channels and engage shoppers through timely, relevant, and truly personal messages, building lasting bonds that drive growth.

Martha Nolan VP Darius® Client Experience, Velocity Worldwide