Should I Outsource Mobile App Development?

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In the era of 4.0 technology, mobile app outsourcing is a cost-effective method to optimize profit. This article shows the reasons why.

Outsource is no longer a strange definition in the IT community with a large number of technology collaborations between tech giants and outsourcing companies. However, this definition has spread its popularity in web design and software development. Some people may forget mobile app development, which should be participated in the outsourcing market many years ago.

In the development era of smartphone and mobile app using, mobile app outsourcing is a cost-effective and time-saving method to optimize profit whether this company has its in-house development team or not. This article will show why offshoring mobile application development should be advised.

Mobile App Developers Know Best

When it comes to mobile applications, people simply think that software is just moved from website and desktop patterns to mobile, however, it is very complicated in reality. If your team has mobile app experts, congratulation. But if they specialize in another IT field, an offshoring mobile app service is worth considering. Web and desktop development are different from mobile development in terms of design, usability and cross-platform functionality.

  • Design: While web and desktop software require many functions to provide as much information as possible, mobile app appreciates minimalism and user experiences. That is the reason why mobile app design is simple but attractive and not every in-house team possibly notice this. Therefore, experienced mobile app developers may help you to decide which are necessary and unnecessary to your app.
  • Usability: Web and other desktop stuff require clicks when a mobile app is available for touching. This impact on how technology and design are added to your app. Mobile app experts ensure the smooth experience of users and avoid annoying factors on a mobile app which an unprofessional in-house team hardly notices.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality: A mobile platform is definitely different from PC or laptop platform. An offshoring mobile application development team understands the positive and negative points of each mobile template. This prevents your mobile app from risks of having some functions unworked.

Gaining App Specialization

An offshoring project with a high level of specialization will give back a high-quality product. An in-house development team often handles multitasked jobs from website development, software installation to mobile application. In fact, some in-house development teams have to take a lot of time to learn new and unfamiliar skills, knowledge, tool or program languages to reach the mobile app’s requirements.

When you hire an outsourcing mobile app development team, you not only hire labor force or theoretical knowledge but also hire the best tools and insight. That is the reason why a company need an outsource partner which deeply understand mobile app development to guarantee the product’s effectiveness. The difference in terms of specialization is not only between an in-house team and outsourcing team but also among other outsourcing teams themselves. Offshoring partners specializing in web development are totally different from outsourcing teams which is professional in mobile app and vice versa.

Cost Effective and Time-Saving

Outsourcing means that you have to pay the team amount of money and take time to manage the team. However, in long-term, offshoring software application development is a deserved investment. Your company possibly controls budget by getting “all-in-one” service from outsourcing partner without paying any kind of unexpected fee as repairing or maintenance. Once the collaboration is smooth, all your internal teams need to do is to keep your partner track and spend free time for other tasks such as app promoting, business-critical applications and solutions. Moreover, with its specialization, your outsourcing partner builds up the whole basic system so your in-house team possibly upgrades from this fundamental app itself in case of improvement.

In closing, mobile application development is no longer a trend, it is our future profitable business strategy. Therefore, every developer including offshoring and in-house employees have been training themselves in this field. Outsourcing or non-outsourcing depends on demand and labour force’s qualification of your company. It is good if your company possibly develop an app on your own. However, in terms of offshoring mobile application development, the key is both sides need to understand each other in working style and other requirements to maximize all advantages and minimize risks. Not all products earn their effectiveness right after the first launching so it is much better to set a detailed schedule to keep track work progress and create suitable repairing methods. Finally, if you decide to outsource mobile application development, make sure that you select the most suitable partner.