The Importance of IT Security Assessment for an MSP

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For the network to perform optimally and without any hindrances, an IT security assessment is crucial.

When an insider views a network, things may seem fine, but actual problems can be found only when an outsider gets involved in the process. They are better equipped to analyze systems and tools and mitigate issues found, if any.

Irrespective of the tool or technology, a routine check and an IT security assessment is necessary to maintain high performance.

The type of IT Assessment that you do would vary among different businesses. In the case of an MSP the type of IT Risk assessment or an IT security assessment could be done best when the tool that is used every day is assessed or audited. For an MSP their everyday tool is an RMM Tool (Remote Monitoring and Management Tool) and second most important is a tool that is used by every IT company viz. a Firewall.

An audit of these 2 tools can really boost the performance, efficiency and productivity of the employees to a great extent. Not only that, you can serve your clients a lot better with an updated, error-free tool. 

Benefits of an IT Security Assessment

The best kind of IT Services for Businesses like Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is to do an audit. A firewall check (audit) to monitor all the traffic that flows in and out of the network, and an RMM Audit to find loopholes in the tool being used and optimize it.

An IT Assessment would let you know if the tool you are using is right for your organization or not, and experts can recommend a better solution. An expert will offer and implement everything solutions using Best Practices only. For an MSP, getting hold of an RMM and Firewall Audit expert can help you enhance your tool and thereby enhancing your overall experience.

Following are the benefits of an IT Security Assessment:

Know Your Tools Better

An assessment like an audit can often lead you to know the tools that you use every day a lot better. An expert auditor can enlighten you with best practices, and it can indirectly highlight areas that you didn’t even know existed in your tool. 

Spot Loopholes and Bridge Gaps

An Audit of your RMM or Firewall will reveal loopholes and then you can choose if you want the issue to be remediated by them or not. Most times, the IT expert that audits these services will itself give you the solution to remediate the issue as well. Many Master MSPs will provide you with audit services along with the usual NOC, SOC and cloud services.

Boost Security

An audit will help you boost security. Your firewall may have security inefficiencies. An everyday user may not be able to differentiate it within the tool but an outsider, an expert surely can. Post-audit and documentation, a remediation on the given recommendations will ensure complete 360° security.

Prevent Data Breaches

New variants and new cyberthreats need an equally new safety shield. The old shield would not work against a new variant. You have to change. With a tool that is regularly updated and is functioning to its optimum, one will always be protected from data breaches. An MSP can never risk the data that they deal with, hence frequent audits should be done to prevent any large-scale loss of data.

Enhanced Performance

Just how a system with a greater processing speed adds to and enhances your performance, so does an RMM Tool or Firewall, post an update. Post the IT security assessment or audit and active remediation, you can expect to see an improved level of functioning and efficiency in your work and among your employees.

Strategic Decisions in the Future

After having done an audit, an ideal expert will give you suggestions on what the best practices are. To ensure that the same mistake doesn’t repeat itself, you should revamp your strategy for the future. The report and the action steps can also help you solve issues before they arise again.


IT Security Assessment or audits shouldn’t be a one-time occurrence. The practice of an audit should be a recurring one. These recurring audits would give you a complete protection against the most dangerous and newer levels of cyber threats. Cybersecurity is crucial to an IT firm, and it should be taken with utmost seriousness. When your clients understand the effort and proactiveness you show in ensuring their data safety, the more trust you gain and better the word-of-mouth.