The Psychology of Web Design – How to Build Websites and Influence People


If you want your website to support your short and long-term business objectives you must align it with the expectations of your target audience.

Why You Should at Least Consider the Psychology of Web Design

Hey, are you manipulating people? If you aren’t be warned that I am going to highly recommend that you do just that! Yes, I know your mom told you that manipulating people is not a good thing. My mom told me the same thing. But both your mom and my mom are a bit behind when it comes to online marketing. All of us are being manipulated, and most of us don’t even realize it! The psychology of web design is just another example.

Remember that Russian dude Pavlov, and his salivating dogs? He basically tricked dogs into thinking it was dinner time every time he rung his little bell. Of course, humans can’t be manipulated that easy, or can they? Let me ask you this; how many email newsletters do you get that you can’t remember subscribing to? You didn’t really mean to sign up for them, but there was that one offer or gimmick that made you do it anyway. See, that is the power of psychology in web design in action!

Making Your Website Visitors Drool, Figuratively of Course!

So what can you do to make website visitors salivate simply by looking at your website? Well, you could fill it with delectable images of yummy food and drink. But that really only works if you are in the hospitality or food and beverage industries. But what about you industrial manufacturers and financial planners out there? What can you do to get your website visitors to take action?

I happened to come across this helpful psychology in web design infographic while visiting the SSLS website researching another topic. Another example of psychology in web design in action; I was not actually looking for this at all! Seeing that I talk to clients every week about what it will take to build effective websites I know this concerns many of you out there.

Take a look at the nine key areas where the psychology of web design influences the behavior of website visitors. Which ones will appeal the most to your target audience? And is your current web design aligned with that? Once you figured out your answers scroll down below the infographic, and I will show you what to do next.

The Psychology of Web Design

Psychology of web design infographic from ssls

Infographic courtesy of SSLs

The Psychology of Web Design and You

Now that you know how the psychology of web design lets you influence your website visitors you are ready to take the next steps. The first thing you must do is to determine which steps you want your website visitors to take. Maybe that step is to sign up for your newsletter or schedule a consultation. That part is not nearly as important as getting your website visitors to take action in the first place!

What all it will take to make the psychology of web design work for you and your business depends on your website. The first step for you is to determine which action is the most beneficial for you and your business objectives. Having visitors sign up for your email newsletter is not a bad thing. But what if you get more real business results when website visitors schedule a consultation instead?

Effective planning and design is crucial if you want to apply the psychology of web design to your advantage. I have seen over and over what happens when business owners decide to “design from the hip!” And it is not pretty, trust me! Both you and your business deserve to do better.

Take a careful look at the infographic above. What aspects appeal to you the most? Even more important, which ones will appeal most to your target audience? Those are the ones you should focus on to make the psychology of web design work to your, and your website’s visitors advantage!

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