Top 10 SEO Trends for 2021

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Search engine optimization means increasing web traffic organically. It is the most used digital marketing strategy that drive long-term results.

Google Algorithm Update – What to Expect in the Year 2021

Search engine optimization means increasing web traffic organically. It is the most used digital marketing strategy that drive long-term results. The use of correct keywords is the work of the SEO team. With the help of the keywords, a website becomes more visible. Visibility is essential for any website to attract users on several online platforms and increase its popularity. The SEO team produces more leads through organic sources.

The search engines available on the internet are Google, Bing, Yahoo. Google is the most used search engine in the world with over 2 billion searches every day.

Google has announced the changes they are bringing in the SEO in 2021. They are updating the Page Experience for the users. This will signify an SEO ranking for the website and the weight received from the search algorithm. It will measure the speed and usability of a web page.

In 2021, we are expecting more SEO trends and would like to highlight them:

  1. Artificial Intelligence – Over the years, users interaction has changed over online content. Google’s algorithm is worth noticing. It’s used to run web pages in their search engine results. Google introduced the BERT algorithm in 2019 and uses it to measure the weight of websites. The aim is to make SEO search trending with time by improving AI. Factors to optimize SEO are click-through rate to time spent on the page, entertain and engage readers with a variety of content.
  2. Voice Search – Voice search technology has evolved over the years and become a part of human’s daily lives. More than 40% of the human population uses this technology in different forms & ways. The most commonly used technologies are SIRI, ALEXA, Google Assistant. These voice search engines are available on their smartphones, remote control of smart TVs, Laptop, smartwatches, etc. The SEO team makes sure that the keywords identified are generic and as per the latest trends. Users tend to use short sentences and abbreviated words in their searches that they use in their daily lives.
  3. Mobile-Friendly – The search engine has been made mobile-friendly as it mostly used on phones nowadays more than computer websites. The Mobile version of the website is more productive so it should be more effective and user-friendly.
  4. E-A-T – E-A-T means expertise, authority and trustworthiness is an algorithm update launched by Google. It has been emphasised that good content is essential to increase the rank of any web page. The content should be useful and quality maintained. The content on the website must be authentic and confirmed by trusted sources. The SEO team should be competent enough to create correct keywords keeping E-A-T in mind for any client. Thorough research and fact-check always help in creating desired content based on the viewer’s interests.
  5. Featured Snippets – Snippets are significant in improving the visibility of any web page. Brief information about the searched product improves the ranking on the search engine. The SEO team can easily create a snippet by including Q&A, images, company name, product price etc.
  6. Online Video – Video content plays a key role in the SEO strategy. Viewers like to watch videos to gather information about anything. Mostly used Video search tool is Youtube for any kind of requirement like information, entertainment, etc. The Video channel’s name and description should reflect that what it is about. The language should be simple. Keywords must be generic and can shortlist from the list suggested by the platform.
  7. Image Optimization – Like the online video, the image used for the website is crucial. Image search has developed a lot. There is a tool Google lens, where one can search for any product with the help of images. It provides all the information and options available on the internet to purchase. High quality, relevant and customized images are useful in increasing web traffic.
  8. Semantic Search – The SEO team earlier focused only on the primary keywords but now they focus on synonyms also that are generally used by the users.
  9. Local Search – Similarly, local search is also important as most users search for local goods & services. The search engine itself answers the query with a zero-click search.
  10. Data Analysis – After understanding buyers and their campaigns, messages are created for target audiences. The data is then analysed to verify URLs, sources, to check on time for page loading, responses, redirects, etc. It can obstruct crawlers indexing and any spam that can reduce E-A-T. There are many toolkits available to stop such methods. The SEO in 2021 is only rising with so many updated tools. All kind of hindrances is taken care of to prevent the website from poor performance. The SEO team has expertise in all the latest tools to increase the visibility and rankings of your website.