Top Reasons Why ReactJS Is Perfect for Enterprise Application Development

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Everything you should know about the top reasons why React JS is perfect for enterprise application development.

ReactJS offers developers the capability to create efficient and dynamic web and mobile apps. An open-source, front-end JavaScript library, React JS helps to build swift and interactive UI for web and mobile applications.

ReactJS is an influential framework that impacts the look and feel of an application. Right from its inception, ReactJS has been a one-stop solution for fast, dynamic, and responsive web pages.

ReactJS can be found in applications for some of the top market leaders like Airbnb, Netflix, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter due to its potential for developing interactive and dynamic user interfaces.

So is it worth choosing ReactJS for Enterprise Application Development? Let’s find out!

1. Ready to market

Speed and swiftness are the biggest benefits of ReactJS. In other words, ReactJS app development is quick.

Features like reusable ReactJS components and VDOM prevents quality compromise.

Thus, ReactJS is a perfect go-to option for businesses looking for a quick launch of products.

2. Easy to use

Unlike other development tools, ReactJS is quite simple to use.

Some development tools are hard to comprehend in spite of better outputs.

With ReactJS, coding is fun. Developers use JSX, a fusion of HTML, and JavaScript functionalities. Thus, the development time gets reduced.

The component extension JSX made learning and implementation easier than traditional JavaScript templating. This helps the ReactJS developers to focus on individual components.

Moreover, the developers can control the application behavior on user action. This is possible by using the state, action, and event management of ReactJS.

3. Best suited for the long run

Innovations have become a daily routine in the current scenario. Thus, the need to pace up in this ever-changing market is a solution that we can consider in the long run.

ReactJS gained a lot of attention because of its ease in editing and developing mobile apps. It is favorable due to its unmatched separate working protocols for web apps.

Thus, ReactJS makes a perfect choice for a long-term enterprise web development solution.

4. Perfect for superlative developing requirements

Are you looking to have fine detailing of your application? ReactJS is your solution.

ReactJS components accord an efficient design kit for detailing. It includes browser-specific tools. ReactJS helps in scaling the hierarchy of the components added. These reasons make ReactJS a perfect choice for superlative developing requirements.

5. Quality interfaces

One of the critical factors of an application is the user interface. If the UI isn’t up to the mark, the app leads to failure. But, if your UI is responsive, easy to access, and intuitive, the attention of your users are trapped easily. Thus, ReactJS contributes to a top-quality UI using its wide array of ReactJS components.

6. Speed

ReactJS refrains from rewriting the code, saving a lot of time. Even though every component of the app is individually addressed, ReactJS acts fast.

7. SEO-friendly

For the success of an enterprise, SEO is a fundamental gateway. The app will rank on Google if the load time is least and the rendering speed is high. ReactJS helps in ranking as it reduces the page load time.

8. Strong community support

ReactJS has very strong community support making it one of the most favorable front-end frameworks.

Popular applications of ReactJS

ReactJS have always been preferred by some of the industry giants. Thanks to its performance that always catches the eye and has set standards. Some prominent applications are:


Netflix has been the favorite when online streaming comes to our mind.

ReactJS deserves the credit for its eye-catchy features. Today, ReactJS’s features like performance, quick loading times, execution speed, and facilities like Gibbon have turned Netflix into one of the industry leaders.


ReactJS’s contribution to this popular social media handle is worth stating. Search, stories section, picture feed are all developed using ReactJS.

ReactJS offers an optimal experience with extra tools such as progressive loading and video sharing.


Facebook embraces the power of ReactJS for both browser and mobile application. The mobile application of Facebook is built with React Native, a world-class tool for mobile app development.

Other than these, some popular firms like Uber, PayPal, BBC, Zendesk have been ruling the market with their ReactJS applications.

Why is ReactJS successful so far?

The following components of ReactJS make it successful:

JSX Syntax Compatibility: Allows expanded performance. If a ReactJS developer is adept at JSX, ReactJS coding becomes easy.

React Native: Enables mobile app development of ReactJS applications. React Native mobile apps convert JavaScript into native code. This results in a distinguished look and feel of the mobile app.

Virtual DOM: Provides a lot of efficiencies to ReactJS. With Virtual DOM, frequent changes are perfectly dealt. The DOM of the page is copied by ReactJS. During an event of a change, it compares to this copied DOM. Only the change is edited. This prompts the browser to render only a small part of the page rather than the whole.

Reusable Components: You are allowed to write your code as a component. All you have to do is create a class and place many instances of that class wherever you want. You can combine it with other components as well.

Developer Tools and Support: It has a wide community and diversified user base. There is an active support team to provide help and support to all the users with their queries. Also, to inspect an application, there is direct access to a discrete developer tool. These tools make monitoring and cross-checking easy. Thus your app experience is optimized by ensuring proper functioning with these tools and support.

When do you need to consult a ReactJS development company or hire a ReactJS developer?

Like other frameworks and technologies, ReactJS isn’t suitable for every project.

If you plan to develop simple applications, then traditional JavaScript is suitable.

ReactJS itself is an advanced tool and the sophistication increases using Redux and MobX.

If your project has the following requirements:

  • varying and diverse states or components;
  • nimble navigation items;
  • open and closed sections; or
  • robust inputs and buttons;

then it is the right time to consult a ReactJS development company or hire a ReactJS developer.

One of the benefits of ReactJS is the exhaustive nature of the components and their capacity to maintain the application’s workability while scaling.

In a nutshell

ReactJS is a comprehensive technology that focuses on business goals and helps in achieving them through world-class web and mobile apps. Partnering with a leading ReactJS development company, you can get an executive suite of services that would add value to your business application and help you to become market leaders. ReactJS development services are cost-effective and offer a wide range of functionalities and features to make your enterprise app development seamless and robust.