Use Visual Search To Amplify Lifestyle Brands

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Major retailers and global brands are looking beyond traditional search pathways for something a little more eye-catching: visual search.

Consumers Want Search to Be as Productive as They Are

We understand that social media engagement increases across the board when images and video are shared. The human brain itself processes visual information faster than text. This helps explains why 75% of consumers find text-based keyword searches inefficient. Mobile consumers are finding that visual search helps them close the gaps in their purchase journey.

Typical searches use text to query results based on things like file name, captions and alt attributes (the text alternative to an image). The visual search takes it a couple of steps further, engaging higher-level queries with a “thinking” algorithm that filters search results into context. Quite similar to the way humans filter internally.

“In delivering such a simple, seamless experience, AI-powered visual search removes the friction from traditional search-and-shop experiences. No longer do customers have to visit multiple retailers or sites and strike out. They can now find virtually anything, anywhere, even without knowing exactly where to find it,” says adobe Director of Software Development Brett Butterfield.

A Look at How Visual Search Works

Picture this: Your customer walks into Starbucks. She bypasses the register because she ordered through the mobile app, and heads to the mobile pick-up station. Standing at the barista bar, Lucy’s mom from down the street says hi. She’s wearing an incredible pair of joggers but can’t remember where she got them. So your customer opens Google Lens, aims her camera at the joggers and within seconds finds the same pair for sale online.

Dubbed by Search Engine Journal as the “world’s personal shopper” visual search is helping retail brands like fashion, home and decor create some of the most sophisticated customer experiences online today.

That’s the idea behind the visual search. Search Engine Journal has dubbed visual search as the “world’s personal shopper”. Visual search is actually helping retail brands in fashion, home and decor create some of the most sophisticated customer experiences online today.