Why an Email Appending Service Is a Must Try for the Growth of a Business

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Email appending has become a popularly used method for companies to build their in-house email database with permission-based addresses. It is one of the email marketing practices implemented widely.

Email appending services also impart a massive boost to the sales figure and generate higher traffic to the website. For business purposes, every organization needs to create and maintain a database of their prospective customers.

Anyway, these services have changed significantly within the past years. It is one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods of mass online marketing.

What is an email appending service?

Email appending in simple words means adding emails to the existing customer database. In short, the word append means “add or supplement”. It retrieves customer data such as (name, postal address, contact, and email address), etc. Hence, it is a method of adding missing information to the already existing database.

In other words, email appending means updating the email addresses of the existing customers.

With a new set of data ready, you can send emails regarding offers, newsletters, promotions, and notifications as a part of your marketing strategy.

Not to forget, email marketing is still a significant strategy for communication in the corporate world.

Now that you have a clear picture of what email appending means.

Let’s look at why email appending is essential for the progress of a business

Time changes and technologies keep evolving every day in the long run. Gone are the times when businesses’ sole marketing strategy was cold calling and outbound marketing, customers do not react to old marketing tactics. The buyer’s journey has changed with the rapid growth of technology. On contrary, they keep up with the trends and search for something new and read them.

Thus, email attracts users to quality content and helps to drive sales.

Email marketing holds the crown for being the most effective channel when it comes to a high return on investment. The complete success of your email campaign depends on the customer email list you are using. The best way to ensure your customer list accuracy is by email appending. Regular appending of customer email allows you to add new customers into your existing customer database.

 Email appending services:

  1. Improve mail open rates
  2. Reduce bounce Rate
  3. Improve engagement

Benefits of email appending

Save time

Getting the customer database updated with the correct Email address kills more time. Through email append, you can modernize or add new customers to the existing customer list.

Cost-effective and affordable

Email Appending reduces marketing costs and brings relevant traffic to the website. The cost structure of the email append service is volume-based and the fees have deteriorated with higher volumes purchased. More business data is vital for tracking, marketing, and selling to customers. Choosing the right append provides the confidence to reach the right prospect in all of your campaigns.

Return on Investment

By renewing the existing customer email list and adding relevant new customer email addresses, you can extend your campaign by generating a high response rate and high return on investment.

Steps to maintain the efficiency of email appending services

Data profiling

Profiling data helps minimize cost by determining the problems in your data before you start the next campaign. Also, it will give a clear view of the campaign targets.

Eliminating inadequate data

Removing inactive contact and updating new relevant customer contact will increase campaign success. Keeping duplicate contacts in the campaign customer mailing list gives data errors. Many businesses fail to realize the importance of segmenting duplication of data.

Best practices

Email appending is the affordable and notably fastest method to build a brand-new customer email list. On the flip side, choosing the wrong append can push your business into an incredible loss. So before choosing email appending services, ensure their email data permission and privacy policy. The append email list should follow the CAN-SPAM law worldwide.

Learn how the email append provider does the matching process. Ensure if there is any complicated algorithm involved.

Through accurate and expertly analyzed email database received from high-end email appending operations. It enables you to send welcome emails to all your customers and build the first line of interaction with your brand. Before sending the welcome mail, ensure that the company name or advertiser name, or Subject line should not mislead the customer.

In addition, make sure to highlight the benefit of future customer engagement, to provide the link in the folder of the mail body, to let the customer unsubscribe if she/he requires, segment all the unsubscribed mail to avoid confusion between subscribed and unsubscribed mail contact for future campaigns.


A good business strategy for most businesses is an accurate B2B database. Over the cycles, the business has identified the impact of database and matrix, which enables marketers to choose data of their preference. Appending service gives marketers more comprehensive insights and access to potential customers; also it is one of the services which provide access to B2B clients for more excellent communication.