Why Is SEO Still One of the Most Crucial Aspects of Digital Marketing?

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If you have been running your company for a long time and haven’t included SEO in your marketing strategy, then here are a few reasons why you should.

Search engine marketing (SEO) has been and still is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing. The slow and steady tactics might seem tiring at first, but the results are guaranteed. Today, there are plenty of digital marketing tactics that professionals use, but it is difficult to go a long way without a proper SEO strategy. The benefits of search engine marketing are well-known. If you have recently started your business or if you are running your company for a long time and haven’t included SEO in your marketing strategy, then here are a few reasons why you should.

What Can You Achieve with a Proper SEO Strategy in 2019

The primary benefit is that even in 2019, people rely on search engines to find the required products or services. And these users tend to go through only the first five suggestions that appear on their screen. Whether you are in an E-commerce business or you provide services, you can see significant growth in your business if your website is among these top five.

The best SEO practice does not only involve getting a higher rank, but it equally focuses on better user experience and usability of your website. You want visitors to be satisfied with your website’s performance.

Users have trust in what search engines show them. If your website is one of the top-ranked, it interprets that your services or products are authentic. It will help you to gain more traffic on your website.

Search engine marketing is also one of the best ways to promote your website. Users who find your website on different search engines like Yahoo and Google are more likely to spread good things about it on various social media platforms.

Search engine optimization ensures that your website runs smoothly. If your site has more than one author, then you get both direct and indirect benefits of SEO. Better traffic from search engines is the immediate benefit, and the indirect benefit is having a common framework that you can use before you publish content on your site.

SEO helps you to stay ahead in the competitive market. Usually, there are plenty of websites that provide the same kind of products or services, and search engine optimized sites are more likely to attract potential customers.

Search engine marketing is not only cost-effective, but it also helps in cutting down other advertisement costs. If your SEO strategy is perfect for 2019, you may not have to opt for paid advertising.

With a smart SEO strategy, a small startup can compete with the giants in the market. Many big companies have failed to keep up with the online trends, and so a small company can easily take advantage of it.

What You Should Consider While Creating an SEO Strategy in 2019

Predict the Trends

In general, you produce the content as per the current trends. However, it is also a fact that if you can predict the trend you can have more benefits. It means that creating content on the topics which will be in trend later will give you an advantage for getting more traffic. If you are in crowded niches, you can beat the competition.

For example, if you are creating content on Valentine’s day, you can start producing it from November or December. When the search for the topic is at its peak, you will be in a better position to offer users what they are looking for.

The Grouping of Contents

You can opt for the content aggregation method which involves changing the structure of your site. The current Google algorithm offers more benefits to the websites that have created contents focusing on specialized subjects.

You should not focus only on keywords, but instead, you can produce content that is subject-based, and you can also change the structure of your blog. You can modify the menu and create blogs that offer information on the same kind of subjects. You get more traffic by this as Google can understand your site better.

Video Marketing Strategy

In 2019, an SEO company should not underestimate the power of video marketing. It increases the visibility of your website significantly. If you are providing information about your company’s product or services, the visitor will remain on your site for two more minutes. And Google takes this factor into account to rank websites. According to experts, video content has the potential to increase content by 20 percent. The search engine also includes a video tab, and having the video on your website can feature there. It also significantly improves your chances to appear in the first search result.

Use All the Platforms

SEO will bring you the best outcome if you practice it on all the platforms. It increases your chances to appear to your targeted audience. The areas you can cover are video streaming sites, social media, external blogs, forums, and so forth.


Search engine optimization is here to stay for a long time. Even if it seems that paid advertising is taking charge over digital marketing the slow but steady process of SEO will bring the best result with long term benefits.