14 Reasons Why You Need a Website

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Your website is an important digital marketing tool that keeps you in the public eye 24/7.

The Internet World Stats 2019 statistics have proven that there are over 4.4 billion people on the internet and no matter the kind of business you are into or thinking of going into, you can’t ignore over 4.4 billion potential customers. Having a website is a great way for you to reach out to these people and turn some of them into customers.

Your website is an important digital marketing tool that keeps you in the public eye 24/7. Even when you are sleeping, it works away, telling current and would-be clients about you. It also provides you with a professional look.

Your focus needs to be on digital marketing as there are so many reasons why you need a website. Here we are going to provide you with just a few which could also apply if you already have a website but it is out-of-date or lacking in some way.

Here are 14 reasons why having a website is crucial for a successful business:

1. You Can Reach More Customers

When you have an offline business, you only serve a limited number of customers, but when you are online, you can target a larger market. As stated above, there are over 4.4 billion people on the internet and having a website is a great way for you to reach out to these people and turn some of them into customers.

Also, young people spend a lot of time online and prefer online shopping than actually visiting the shopping center. Having an online business means you can attract the youth, who spend on gut instinct rather than doing their research.

2. Your Customers Expect It

If this were the only reason on the list, it would be enough. Think about it. Would you trust a business that didn’t have a website? Having a business website makes your business more credible and legitimate.

If you don’t have a business website, today’s digital world and impatient customers may look elsewhere.

3. You Can Make Online Sales

2016 research stipulated that the e-commerce industry in India was $675 billion, which means if you don’t have a website you are losing out on a lot of money. The percentage of online sales is growing exponentially every year. You don’t need to give up on your physical store because it is important as both combined together will give you maximum revenue.

4. You Are Always Available

There won’t be a need for you to put up a closed sign after you have a business website. Customers can take a look at your products and buy them even when you aren’t available. If you are a service-based business, they can request your services at any time and you respond to them when you are available.

Nobody wants to work at 3 a.m., but some people like to shop then. Having a business website or eCommerce store means that you can sell products all the time — not simply between 8 a.m – 5 p.m.

It means you are selling your products and services 24/7. However, you need to have the support of an experienced and skilled web development team for assistance.

5. Your Competitors Have Websites

Your competitors already have business websites, it is wise for you to have one as well. Customers research a lot before buying a product, and if you don’t have a website, you are helping your competitors gain traffic. It also means that you are failing to keep up with the latest technology and giving up on making your business a success.

6. It Provides Social Proof

Ninety percent of consumers claim that online reviews influence their buying decisions. Including customer reviews and testimonials on your site is a great way to impress potential customers. It increases your brand’s value.

7. You Have Global Presence

Nowadays, it is all about putting your company on the global map. The more countries you serve to the more successful your business will become. And that is exactly why your small business needs a website. You have a small price to pay to serve customers all across the world without being there physically.

8. Customers Can Learn About You

Customers are always interested in knowing what inspired your company to start. When you are in charge of publishing about your company, you have a better chance of impressing them because no one knows your business better than you. It doesn’t mean you brag about your brand, but you can help engage your customers and increase their interest. Add a blog to your website so that your customers feel that you are giving them something and not only interested in making money.

9. You Can Keep Your Customers Updated

A company blog helps business owners get their message, mission, and personality in front of their target audience faster than print ads. Plus, social icons linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networking platforms make sharing your content easier for your visitors who like what they see.

10. It’s Part of Your Marketing Plan

Websites are the step one of any marketing plan. Make sure that every marketing campaign you start should be on the landing page of your website so that visitors see it when they open your website. Design your website in such a way that you convert these visitors into customers.

11. You’ll Show Up In Google Search Results

81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. That means they go to Google and type in one or more keywords relating to what they want. If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero.

But if you have a site, you can optimize it for search engines, thereby increasing your chances of appearing at the top of Google’s results and getting more visibility with potential customers.

12. You Can Provide Customer Support

You can drastically improve your interaction with your customers by having a customer support page on your website. It helps especially when serving more than one state. It is beneficial for businesses that can’t afford phone service. You can also upload an FAQ page for customers so that they can get their questions answered before bothering you.

13. You Can Test New Ideas

Your business website gives you the opportunity to test new ideas and visitors can tell right away if it is working or not. You aren’t wasting any money because you can try the ideas for FREE. If you plan to introduce a new product, just put it on your website for a couple of days and make it look as attractive as possible and see if people are liking it or not.

14. It Can Be a Resource Centre for Your Staff

Your website is not only for your customers but employers as well. You can create a section for your employees on your website, which they can use to upload pictures, instructional videos and guides to help customers. It will also make your employees feel valued. Your staffs are not an expense but an investment that will reap you long-term benefits when treated right.

Need help setting up a website for your business?

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