Agency name: Maxburst
Agency HQ: 565 Broadhollow Rd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, United States
Year of founding: 2007
Agency size: 26 - 50
Owners: Andrew Ruditser, Donny Escolastico


Maxburst is commended for being one of the best New York web design firms with a creative, imaginative team of developers and designers, Maxburst is a popular choice for businesses seeking a thriving website. Their process begins with an in-depth consultation to form a connection with a prospective client. It is all about making a match, after all. If the team and a client get along well, the designers create a bare bones outline of a possible website, utilizing their artistic abilities and keen intellects to play on a business’s strengths. From there, the development team begins creation of the website, bringing every aspect to digital life. When launching a new website, Maxburst ensures their clients are well aware of how to maintain their new webpages. This includes a professional conversation about cross-compatible platforms and interactive interfaces. The team strives to educate their clients, as much as engage a prospective audience of eager consumers.

Clients: Couristan, Garage Tek, Boces, Touro College, JetBlue, Canon USA, Tamron
• Top 10 Web Design Firm on 10Best Designs
• Top Performing Firm in
• Site of the day on Awwwards
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