5 Benefits E-commerce Mobile App Platforms Provide to Businesses

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Businesses are focusing on e-commerce platforms. But, what key benefits do e-commerce mobile apps offer to businesses in growing traffic?

The digital world is evolving with new innovations. Traditional shopping ways have decreased, and a large number of people shop through e-commerce apps. E-commerce mobile apps provide a tremendous benefit to businesses, which is why businesses list their products on e-commerce apps and websites.

Talking about smartphones and e-commerce, 96% of adults own a phone in the USA, and 81% of them are smartphones. It means that nearly 80% of the people have the potential to install a mobile app on their devices providing evidence of the future of e-commerce. India, which has the second-largest population in the world, registered USD $9.2 billion of sales through e-commerce platforms during the festive season.

It is evident from the above stats that businesses are focusing on e-commerce platforms. But, what key benefits do e-commerce mobile apps and websites offer to businesses in growing traffic? Let us enlist the benefits.

An established marketing platform

Marketing is an important channel for every business, and they spend a huge amount of money on marketing their businesses and letting customers know what they have to offer. But, in the online world, it is very difficult to create your own store and sell your products and services. Whether you use a mobile app or website-based selling, customers will go to the sites that have won their trust. Also, it is not fixed that a customer buying from your website will buy again from your website. At most, even loyal customers will not come to you regularly. You might want to run PPC and social media ads, but it won’t deliver you a large number of leads. In this case, e-commerce acts as a marketing channel for your business. Famous e-commerce sites and apps perform SEO for their own websites, but if you list your products on e-commerce apps, you have an indirect channel of marketing performed without cost.

Cost-efficient method to sell your products

Imagine building a mobile e-commerce app for your business. The mobile app development process consists of a number of phases that require you to pay a huge amount to the e-commerce app developers. After your app is live, you have to perform marketing for your app and run paid campaigns on multiple channels. Further, whenever your mobile app meets with bugs or new updates, you have to get it developed with your e-commerce mobile app developers. The whole process consumes a massive capital. Whereas if you perform business with an already establishede-commerce mobile app, you will save the cost since you can do your business directly.

Direct connection with customers

What if you have to visit your customer’s door to door where you are approaching your customers? And, what if you visit a fair where you have a shop and customers visit you directly? The second option sounds interesting. The same happens when you list your products on an established platform. You do not have to visit customers, and your customers visit you through the e-commerce platform. The only thing you have to focus on is the presentation of your products and overall business. If you win in the presentations, you will certainly win top place on the e-commerce mobile app or website.

Pre-built multiple payment channels

Payment gateways in an app take time and resources. The entrepreneurs have to pay for the additional payment gateways in the app development projects. If you develop your own e-commerce app, you will have to keep a chunk of capital aside just to take care of the multiple payment gateways. But, you enjoy the benefit of multiple payment gateways when you put your business on a third-party e-commerce mobile app. The platform provider has a range of accepted payment channels from the customers. And, whatever channel is selected by the customer, your business does not have to worry about it. Without any investment, you can enjoy the benefits of multiple payment options from your customers.

Effortless brand recognition

You create a business account on the e-commerce platform, fill in the details, list your products, and your business is live. This is all you have to do to start a business on third-party e-commerce mobile apps and websites. Whereas, if you have created your own app, you will invest in UI/UX designing and multiple other elements involved in the E-commerce mobile app development. You are directly getting the user experience from a third-party platform. Further, if you are providing quality products, you are actively building your brand value on the e-commerce platform. So, e-commerce apps provide an effortless brand building to other businesses.

Final verdict

E-commerce mobile app development is a great idea if you want to target only your local customers. But, if you want to target customers throughout the nation, then going on to a third-party e-commerce platform and selling products from there is a better idea. Also, if you are tight on the budget and don’t want to pay e-commerce app developers, you should take the above benefits that e-commerce mobile apps and websites provide.