Keen Ltd.

Agency name: Keen Ltd.
Agency HQ: Xewkija Industrial Estate, Triq il-Qasam, Xewkija - XWK 3000
Year of founding: 2006
Agency size: 11 - 25
Owners: Mr John Abela - Director, Mr John Falzon - Managing Director


We are a young and vibrant team which offers a vast range of services ranging from advertising to branding, from printing to promotion, and from design to website development. Indeed, we are a full-service digital and marketing agency. We can tackle any project on any channel and platform be it the traditional channels like print, TV, radio and the digital world. We can be an extension of your marketing team on all fronts. Our success is attributed to our can-do attitude and creative brains. Our clients can vouch for this.

Clients: TVM, Mater Dei, The Duke, Plaza, Manoel Island Yacht Yard, Fairline Malta, Visit Gozo, Corinthia Hotels, Arkadia, Mizzi Organisation, Alf. Mizzi & Sons

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Traffic. A never-ending issue leading to one solution…more roads to convert.

Traffic means business. But imagine you’re stuck in a jam for hours leading to a city center and then when you think you’ve reached your destination, you spend another hour looking for a parking space.

Why the right Choice of Typography is integral to your Business

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Influencing Your Customers With The Right Marketing Tactic

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell’, claims the American marketer Seth Godin. In today’s competitive day..

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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Sales Targets wail for a fruitful Mix of Marketing Efforts – But how to decide what’s more important?

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For many August is a month for lying low. In some cases, business seems to flow at a slower pace and in fact, many businesses opt to have the famous August break.   Surely the heat...

Digital Marketing Strategies for Exporters

Modern times have depicted the world as one global market but what does this mean?  Does this mean that you can roll out your successful business model into any market anywhere in the world?

Why it Pays to be a Data Nerd?

This is mainly due to the constant monitoring of data through analytics and other specialized tools. Once we analyse this data we can proceed to the next...

Vacation Marketing Tactics

With so many foreign writers and travellers proclaiming our islands as one of the top-world destinations that should be on the bucketlist, we cannot help but try to give some hints and tips to the many different types of business who operate in the tourism sector in our islands.

How to Bring the Right Customers to Your Door Step

In traditional business, no one sits in an empty shop hoping for customers to come in without taking a proactive stance. Customers need to know about the shop and there has to be something that interests them and motivates them to visit the establishment. The same is true in the online world.

You’re thinking of a multi language website. Now what?

As a design company, we are very much aware that the first step towards making a sale is really about what hits the eye. If the design, visual or photo is compelling...

Consumption of the Visual – Instagram

As a design company, we are very much aware that the first step towards making a sale is really about what hits the eye. If the design, visual or photo is compelling...

Are you prepared for the Digital Challenges in 2017?

Although still at the beginning of the year, we know that 2017 is going to be a great eventful year for us, our clients and the digital world in general...