Artuyt Branding, Web Design and Social Media Marketing

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The Artuyt project included a full branding service: brand identity development and promotion on social media.

About the Client

Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. They create scarves with Armenian artist’s paintings and collages. One scarf takes a full 2 months to complete, making it exquisitely crafted accessory.

With the help of beautiful and unique scarves, you will be given the chance to discover exquisite artifacts of the Armenian culture – beginning from the medieval times to modern abstractionism.

Our Solution

The initial goal was to build a website that would have an online store and delivery section based on WooCommerce and WordPress with the additional features needed for the client’s business goals. We were also assigned to work on Brand identity and SMM of the project.

The social media and marketing campaign that our marketing team started was successful, and greatly increased sales. Artuyt increased its yearly profits by about 30 percent in 2019, in comparison with the profit they made in 2018.

The brand identity of the website was designed according to the client’s idea, which aimed to represent the most delicate scarfs, highlighting company vision about art and culture. Page and site colors were performed in the brand’s style, following the same concept in fonts, images, logo, and other elements of the website.

The website is user-friendly, easy and accessible for those clients who are looking for online shopping as it includes all the collections in online stores, including the prices.

The navigation is simple and detailed, so it is easy to find the required category. Also, the website includes many useful pages such as the chatbot, FAQ, about us, and reviews to find out the essentials for online shopping.