A&S Market – Online Groceries Shop

Vevol Media
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Vevol Media’s website development for a specialized grocery provider.

The Challenge

A&S Market is a specialized grocery shop serving a large number of Romanian expats in the United Kingdom. Having found success offline, moving online was a no-brainer and proved to be highly successful, with the launch having a significant impact on the business, especially during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

Our main goal for this project is to create a web presence for the well-established local shop, develop new routes to existing customers and reach new ones in the process.

The Solution

We’ve been working with A&S Market for over 2 years, and the website has seen quite a few changes. As the business’s customers are recurring customers, we have had the opportunity to make continuous improvements to the store to enhance the user experience and increase conversion rate.

On this occasion, we worked closely alongside our client and make periodic audits based on heatmaps and website analysis. We designed and develop with the target customer in mind: knowledgeable, savvy shoppers. Eliminating complexity from the process was essential as conversions need to be quick and transform a visitor into a paying customer within minutes.


Shopify Theme Development, SEO, CRO, Ongoing Maintenance

Tools and Technologies

Figma, Liquid, Javascript, Web Components, CSS (Sass), Github, Shopify CLI

The Result

The new website has become a critical component in A & S Market’s business, and the company is satisfied with Vevol Media’s work.