Automotive and Oil Case Study: Advertising and Branding Research in the Oil Industry

Insight Survey
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Insight Survey conducted a national brand & advertising tracking study for The ROSE Foundation among key B2B target market sectors.

Business Challenge

We were approached by The ROSE Foundation, a nationwide leader in environmentally acceptable oil recycling, to design and conduct a national brand and advertising tracking study among the key B2B target market sectors.

The key objectives were to:

(1) provide media consumption and demographic information about the target customer;

(2) test and provide feedback on the best advertising concepts;

(3) measure brand and advertising awareness, as well as perceptions and behaviour regarding oil storage and recycling.

What We Did

We conducted personal interviews to better understand the target market demographics and media usage.

We held focus group discussions to gain insights into oil storage, disposal, and recycling. We got feedback on the best advertising concepts.

We designed and implemented a brand and advertising tracking study to monitor the effectiveness and ROI of the marketing campaign.


We enabled the Client to develop a B2B marketing strategy and make informed marketing decisions that have helped to improve responsible used oil recycling