Food and Beverage Case Study: Customer Needs & Profiling in the Catering Industry

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We conducted a B2B research study for a catering company in terms of customers, purchase decision-making, needs & opportunities.

Business Challenge

We were approached by a medium-sized catering company who were wanting to expand into the ever-growing pool of food service establishments and private restaurants.

They required us to conduct a B2B research study that would help them understand the customer situation, catering equipment needs and opportunities, as well as the purchase decision-making process among the target market groups.

What We Did

  • Conducted telephonic surveys among owners and/or managers of food service establishments that had a commercial level kitchen.
  • Sourced the relevant databases and interviewed potential customers.
  • Conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis through secondary desk research.


We delivered a quantitative report to our Client that helped them to develop a marketing strategy to expand into the new market segment and manufacture and supply products based on customer needs.