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Designing a solution that offered a clean, sensitive and calming way to find info.


Bayer wanted us to provide a way in which users, sometimes young women who may be embarrassed to ask, could have the opportunity to explore contraception methods. There are a lot of regulations around marketing in the pharmaceutical space which we also needed to be acutely aware of. We needed to find a solution that offered a clean, sensitive, and calming way to find information on what was on offer, how it works, and if it might be a good fit for any lifestyle.


We created a personalised questionnaire to help users choose which contraceptive method is the best for them. At the end of the short set of questions around lifestyle and personal choices, the user receives feedback about different methods and which are the ones that fit her the most. The results could be downloaded to their phone or emailed, to be discussed with their doctor or researched and they could share the app by Whatsapp.


The app went live in over 22 markets and 18 languages each inline with each of the laws and restrictions around contraception. With 170,000 users and counting, we know that we are reaching people. The average session time of well over two minutes is more than enough to complete the five questions, and it tells us that users are actively interested in what we have provided. 97% of users starting the quiz finished it- remarkable!

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