Belgravia Doors: Website Design & Development + SMM

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Belgravia is a Russian brand that has been producing interior doors for over 20 years.

Technical Specification

The website was designed with the company’s branding elements in mind. It has a stylish, breathable design with accent details. The layout contains minimalistic blocks, neat animation, and an emphasis on the company’s product.


Flexible and lightweight configurator to create the desired interior door design in real-time.


Our developers have provided an SEO-friendly store page structure to ensure website visibility on search engines.

Speed and Performance

Despite the high-quality images, as well as a complex configurator, the website works stably and fast.

Responsive Design

The website is perfectly responsive across all different devices – check it out!

Social Media Marketing

The strategy for promotion in social networks such as Instagram and Facebook is designed to attract the target audience and increase B2C sales.

Mission Statement

Increasing brand awareness | Increasing B2C sales | Increasing website traffic | High level of user engagement | Constant customer support | Visually appealing design

What are we doing?

Maintenance of Instagram 24/7 | Communication with the audience | Collaboration with influencers | Facebook pixel installation | Paid social media advertising | Branded design