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Australian branding agency, Percept, developed brand positioning and brand identity for a progressive property company in Australia.


This brand positioning and brand identity project began with an immersive session in order to gain a deep understanding of the client’s business. Through an extensive workshop phase, Percept discovered what drove the two founding directors to jump ship from their highly successful careers to risk everything in disrupting the strata management sector.

Both founders understood the needs of developers and property owners, the requirements of effective strata management, the questions that had to be answered, and the need to be realistic about what their client needed. This formed the basis of the brand positioning.

Additionally, their true point of difference was experience. With over 40 years in the property sector, the Guild Management team approach was methodical and logical, which ensured that a strong and transparent relationship with owners and residents was at the forefront of everything they did.

It was this holistic mindset that drove the tone to build a brand positioning and brand identity with character and depth. The outcome would be branding that disrupts a typically safe, reserved, business sector.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy was simple. Take the powerful words from the founding directors and articulate a brand positioning that truly reflected their methods and needs. They are passionate leaders that have helped transform the strata and housing management sector. Because of this, Percept’s approach to branding had to be anything but ordinary.

The storytelling focused on innovation and tailored placemaking, as Guild understood that every development has its own set of challenges and complexities. Hence why we had take a holistic approach to create a seamless and cohesive brand positioning and brand identity.

At the heart of what the client does is a commitment to resident engagement. Because of this, Percept developed a strategy to create an outstanding digital experience. The agency built company profile tools that did the storytelling for the client, helping separate them from their competitors, without muddying their core business offering.

Brand Positioning

Brand Vision — A holistic guide to seamlessly create cohesive communities.

Brand Purpose — To provide a holistic approach that understands a development’s potential through effective strata management.

Brand Stance — Leveraging over 30 years of experience to create engaged communities through reimagined strata management.

Brand Offering — At Guild Management we offer a holistic and innovative approach to strata management. Our knowledge and experience provides effective building and relationship management that helps form communities. We understand the needs of developers and property owners, the requirements of effective strata management, and the questions that have to be answered. As a result, a development’s potential is realized and integrated communities are created.

Brand Proposition — Transforming developments into vibrant communities.

Brand Tagline — Creating Community.

Brand Identity

The brand identity that Percept created was one of layers. It came with rules to help the Guild Management team easily use the identity in their day-to-day operations.

The brand identity started with the brandmark, subjective of the three core business pillars coming together to create one holistic community.

The word ‘Guild’ was intentionally indented to evoke progress, and a positive way forward.

The unique color palette was a fine balance of maturity and innovation, combining a warm hero plum with three vibrant colors. This combination helps the brand identity promote its strength of experience, while also referencing its progressive thinking, with a focus on a bright future.

The brand identity features type systems and fonts with character to reflect the brand’s people, while graphic devices animate throughout a modular system to reflect the world of site plans, architecture and building symmetry.

The photography tone is warm, aligning to the brand identity’s color palette, showcasing scale, but always reflecting community.

All elements were combined to form a cohesive company branding. Guild Management is an intuitive business, and now their brand positioning and brand identity has the depth and progressiveness to suitably represent their offering to potential new clients.