Branding the API Platform for Conversational Intelligence

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Wunderdogs developed a unique brand identity and website to appeal to both’s designer community and B2B corporate target audience

Following their $1.8M raise, Symbl had two key objectives: growing their developer community and closing corporate deals. These two audiences look for very different things in a brand.

The Task

Positioning the brand for developers would alienate corporations used to generic B2B creative. Committing to inauthentic enterprise visuals would never resonate with developers.

The Symbl management team approached Wunderdogs for help developing a unique identity and website. One that emphasized authenticity whilst conveying professionalism and expertise.

The Action

Strong brands in enterprise AI are rare. Most companies look alike. They are polished yet uninspiring and use similar language, palettes, and stock graphics. We sought to create a bold, raw, and creative brand for Symbl. A brand that highlights product features and celebrates the conversations Symbl expertly analyzes.

A brand workshop highlighted the need for a balance of sophistication and approachability whilst never appearing immature. We then analyzed the “sea of sameness” that is enterprise AI, looking for ways to bring a new standard of creative to the industry.

Our inspiration was the functionalism and futurism of Bauhaus – the birthplace of sophisticated, avant-garde design. Symbl’s new identity is based on the principle of collage and cut-outs. This flexible visual system allows the brand to look minimalistic and mature to enterprise, yet creative and bold for developers, all while staying on brand and preserving Symbl’s authenticity.

With this timeless and powerful brand kit, we designed and developed a new website for Symbl. The simple backend minimized disruption and has empowered the marketing and design departments to manage and scale their website without the need for external assistance.

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