Bushl: Building and Refining the Cannabis Supply Chain Through a Consolidated App Experience

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The Bushl team came to us looking to build a web app experience that streamlined interaction within the cannabis industry.



Diciplines Used

Digital Intelligence + Strategy, User Experience Design, Web Engineering, Mobile Engineering and LiveOps

Services Provided

Brand Experience Design, Consumer Insights, Digital Brand Strategy, User Experience Strategy, Concept, Wireframe Prototyping, Information Architecture, Brand Identity, Back-end Architecture, Desktop + Web App Development, Front-end Development, iOS and Android Development, Deployment Strategy

Project Details

The Bushl came to us looking to build a web app experience that strengthened and enhanced the way in which the 5 tiers of the cannabis industry interact with one another. These industry tiers include the supplier, manufacturer, dispensary, marketplace and consumer elements.

After meeting with Josh and the Bushl team, we worked to configure an outline for the execution of discovery and preliminary design phases. The Bushl team wanted a smooth and clean user interface that encompassed the Bushl brand pillars. Slim lettering with moving reactive icons were established for a standout touch.

Our architects began to think about how to best structure the Bushl website’s architecture and codebase. We integrated a social media linkage to the website as well as a MailChimp setup. Establishing the marketplace user experience quality along with purchasing flows was the team’s top priority, seeing that Bushl website was a hub for a variety of cannabis based transactions.

We decided on a Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Ngnix comprised backed framework – concurrently, the Frontend was configured more robustly by leveraging React Js and Node Js JavaScript.

The Bushl website will be finalized with numerous purchasing flows for the five tiers as well as a unified CMS to facilitate the marketplace to the highest capacity.