Buy Paris Duty Free — Digital Shopper Experience

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We designed a fully digitalized shopper experience in order to make Buy Paris Duty Free the reference of the French lifestyle.


Using digital to serve the client experience in a new retail concept aiming to increase sales.


  • Catching customers attention and push them into the stores
  • Making them spend more time with the brands to push them into a purchase
  • Bringing an added value to fulfill the shopper experience promise and pushing customers to come back


  • Content creation and production
  • Long-term + highlights activation
  • Development of a sales assistance app
  • Development of interactive solutions
  • Design of new points of sales
  • Fly me to Paris: E-visit of Paris in Leap motion
  • Sales assistance app: translator/currency converter/price comparison/Dish & Wine compatibility/recipes
  • Annual videos in store to support the commercial activation plan