Case Study: Tourism and Hospitality

Novi Digital Ltd
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This client initially approached with the requirement of exceeding performance achieved using

What Was the Problem?

This client initially approached with the requirement of exceeding performance achieved using

How Did We Resolve It?

Our work commenced in September 2017, since then we have managed to achieve a 2000% increase on this initial figure, whilst halving the cost-per-sale and increasing the value per conversion by 10X. Throughout this time, we’ve expanded from running search campaigns on their flagship hotel, to managing increased budgets across each of their hotels. ROI is now running over 2000% and we continue to improve sales revenues month-on-month.

Starting with one hotel, we surpassed their KPIs of achieving a 15% cost-of-sale within 6-months, at which point they increased budgets and asked us to look at managing the campaigns for a further 4 hotels within the group. During the past 3-years, we have grown their campaign ten-fold and have managed to surpass expectations by achieving a 5% cost-of-sale for recent months, achieving a 2000% ROI and generate £20 for every £1 spent.

For the first 2-years (2015-2017), until we took over management of the campaigns (September-2017), the client was running without the necessary conversion tracking to establish true ROI. Since we put conversion tracking in place, the client have been able to confidently increase spend from £1000 to £8000-per-month.

What Were the Outcomes?

From September-2017 until August-2020 we have spent £89,390.60 and generated £1,100,261.34, a cost-of-sale of 9%. This excludes revenue that will have been generated from the 3,620 phone calls that have also been generated because of the campaign. In the most recent month, we have managed to achieve a 5.21% cost-of-sale including our fees. The ROI for the client is nearly 20X.

We now run 2128 ad groups, using 2919 ad variants and show for 2653 different highly-relevant search queries, meaning that the vast majority of keywords have a specifically created ad group and specifically created set of ads, tailored to ensure a consistent journey and high click-through-rate CTR. As a result, we achieved a 31.34% CTR and a 31.23% Conversion Rate for the month of August 2020.