Cashify – Company Naming, Brand Identity Design & Website Design

Percept Brand Design
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Sydney branding agency, Percept Brand Design, develop an enticing name, brand identity and website for quick and easy loans business, Cashify.

The Challenge

Cashify (as it is now known) provides quick and easy loans in return for security over vehicles, with goals for business expansion to home, car and business loans in the future.

Company naming and brand identity design was required to kick-start the business, with importance placed on its flexibility for future expansion and business growth. In a highly populated and competitive market, the brand needed to be clear, strong and enticing, a brand that consumers felt they could trust.

The client raised the importance of its positioning in the market amongst competitors and sought to create a brand identity that struck a balance between a modern and premium feel.

The Solution

The brand naming was developed through various workshops and testing with the use of various keywords, where Cashify was selected from the range provided.

The brand identity is clean, fresh and modern, with a bold icon and typography that stands out in a crowded market, appealing to consumers and reinforcing the trust that can be bestowed upon the business. The gradient within the icon is vibrant and engaging, visually creating dimension graduating from dark to light.

A dynamic feel is created through the lines that flow in an upward motion into the solid arrow creating the letter C.

Brand division and flexibility was ensured with the inclusion of tag-lines and change of gradient colours for each individual loans sector.