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Clear Quality

Clear Quality is made up of a team of qualified IRCA ISO consultants who each have their own specific industry knowledge and expertise supporting micro-businesses and multinational organisations with their ISO requirements.

Whether you are completely new to this and require a full system implementation or an established company looking for additional support with recertification, internal audits, internal standards training, first aid in the workplace training etc., their friendly expert staff are available to support you.

The Brief

Clear Quality wanted to expand their business, offering a wider range of services to their clients and for this, they needed extra digital marketing support. The organisation was already generating a good volume of traffic from a range of sources; however, there was a great deal of potential to improve and drive more leads for the business.

Google Ads

Google Ads were a great place to start with Clear Quality’s pay-per-click strategy, as the company had already been using the platform for some time. Before we put our stamp on their campaigns, we conducted in-depth keyword research into their industry and levelled up their ad copy. Along the way, we added featured snippets, callouts, tracking and more company details to optimise their adverts even further.

Our detailed research and communication with Clear Quality helped us establish a bidding technique and audience insights that would target the motivated demographics they wanted to reach the most. We maintained Clear Quality’s exceptional Google Ad performance through implementing recommendations and continuous monitoring. The consulting giants were soon climbing to the top.


Through our analysis of Clear Quality’s PPC campaigns, we found that many people were clicking on their ads and engaging with their website, but we felt that this marketplace was extremely competitive, often meaning that audiences shopped around. Clear Quality’s conversion rate could be higher.

Luckily for us savvy digital marketers, we always have a way to maximise budgets and increase revenue. We took this chance to implement retargeting to Clear Quality’s pay per click advertising and created a Facebook remarketing campaign to bring those potential customers back in. This meant that they would be reminded of their trip to Clear Quality’s stunning website and encouraged to make an enquiry. Even B2Bs can use Facebook Ads to enhance their potential.

Outreach & Digital PR

Clear Quality wanted to become more well-known in the online world. They came to us looking for methods on how to get their name out there and create a greater presence for others to notice them. The team decided to set up a backlinking strategy for Clear Quality. We used only the best tools for the job to perform website audits, competitive analysis and analysing prospective sites. Through our comprehensive referring domain approach, we managed to boost their website’s authority, and they were receiving an increase in site traffic in no time.

Results Summary

With our SEO efforts firmly starting to take hold, Clear Quality received a 150% increase in year-on-year organic traffic and a 189% increase in the volume of keywords the business was ranking for. From the data below, we can see the huge difference this has made for Clear Quality, as they are now in position one for a range of relevant, high volume and non-branded keywords.