Data Audit for Rebranding

Midas Analytics
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Midas has helped Tai Kwun realise what their customers like and dislike about their venue.

About the Client

Tai Kwun is the Centre for Heritage and Arts, a place of inspiration, stimulation and enjoyment for all Hong Kong people. In 2022, Tai Kwun will undergo a major rebranding and they have appointed a branding agency called Hato to help out with the project.


Tai Kwun has asked the branding agency for a data-driven rebranding. The client was interested in duly understanding public opinion about their venue and doing a targeted rebranding that will have an impact on the audience. However, the branding agency and the client are not fully aware of how to derive the required information to execute the project.

Our Solution

Midas Analytics partnered with Hato and proposed to Tai Kwun that they collect text data from social networks and forums to perform a full data audit and a data-driven rebrand.

Midas Analytics took charge of the data audit part of the proposal which included a thorough analysis of their data using our machine learning models. NLP models were built to uncover insights and highlight what the client’s customers liked and disliked the most about them. Hato then used these insights as a key driver for the branding strategy.


The client got to know more about its audience and got a clearer understanding of where there is room for improvement. Whilst the rebranding is still ongoing at the moment, the client was very satisfied with the data audit part of the project. The uncovered customer-centric insights were immediately used to improve the performance of their daily operations and they are experiencing greater satisfaction of their audience as well as increased footfall.