Dress and Friends

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The Fashion Network! A virtual closet allows you to organize and share outfits and clothes among your friends.


Teenage women find it hard to organize their closets and sometimes do not even know what all they have in their closets. They also want to get inspired by their friends to understand what fashion trend is on. Lastly, they have a lot of unused clothes which they don’t like and would want to either exchange or sell.


To build an iOS and Android-based social fashion network that enables users to digitize their closet and share it with their friends. It also allows users to sell, buy or exchange their personal clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is like Instagram for fashion. Data Analytics plays a key role in analyzing famous trends, brands, colors, age group – data that is invaluable for retailers


We started with defining the MVP to test early critical assumptions. We built an iOS, Android and PHP-based MVP with a great user experience. After the launch of the app, we acquired pilot users and took early feedback. We iterated as per the users’ feedback. DAF got a TV spot in 2015, which app got traffic of 10,000 requests per sec. Currently, it has 30,000 users