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Enhancing Management & E-Commerce Experience for Alnaqsha

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Alnaqsha is an online carpet store with multiple branches worldwide. They sell traditional and modern carpets around the world.


  • The company had a stock management issue for their local stores
  • Lack of a unified platform to manage sales and inventories
  • 3000+ products must enter to the platform and be manageable
  • Lack of management over stores in sales and inventories
  • Inefficient CMS for their online sales
  • Their website was not multi localized
  • Poor performance over a large scale of clients in website
  • salesforces had a lot of difficulties on their suggestion for their clients
  • Their reputation was under direct and indirect reciprocity
  • They needed a distributed stock management over their stores


First, we tried to have some workshops with their stakeholders to distinguish their problems in their local and online business. after some research over their sale process, we come up with an idea to create an all in one platform to control their inventories, local shops, and online website in a centralized curriculum.

Our approach was to be accessible and easy to work and easy to understand the whole process. In the beginning, we decided to make a point of sale concept for salesforces and make an e-commerce concept for clients.


  • All their products in different stores classified and calculated their inventories in a single place
  • All stores unified in the platform
  • They can search for their product 10x faster
  • They can manage their inventory 4x faster
  • Their online sales increase by 40%
  • They can suggest a different type of product depends on their client location
  • Order process increase by 70%